2 Woke Gurls – Podcast


Two new, yet familiar voices have burst onto the podcasting scene, hailing from Houston, Texas. ‘2 Woke Gurls’ features the opinions, critiques, and jokes of Third Ward’s own Lauren (@isankofa) and Trina (@beauxbeena). You may have seen Lauren and Trina’s colorful takes on your timelines, but 2 Woke Gurls is a platform that allows the discussion of pressing issues at the intersection of Blackness, womanhood, and queerness without the constraints of a 140-character limit or 15 second videos. The show is available for subscription and download on iTunes, 2wokegurls.com, and the 2 Woke Gurls app in Google play store and the Apple store. Continue reading “2 Woke Gurls – Podcast”