Making Sure Black Don’t Crack

The black culture is pretty good at looking good. “Black don’t crack” is a mantra we live and die by. We as a people are lucky enough to be blessed with a genetic makeup that keeps many of modern societies afflictions at bay. There is one small problem, though; We have all seen that one person that proves that “black don’t crack” doesn’t apply to everybody. How can you make sure that it applies to you? Learn about your body inside and out!

FYI Houston takes it to the streets and talks with one of Houston’s newest and brightest estheticians in the game to give us some tips on how to make sure that we look our best for years to come.

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Fit In Meals by Andy

Talented entrepreneur has added a new twist to health & wellness communities worldwide

So how many of us want to look great? How many of us know how to achieve that? I mean really, with our super-busy lives who has the time? You mean I have to exercise and eat like a rabbit? Let’s be honest, the way most of our lives are set up we barely remember to eat!

Okay. Now that we’ve gotten those excuses out of the way, let’s talk SOLUTIONS. Right now we are in the first month of 2016 and we have made a resolution to become our best self, right? We’ve got some type of workout routine planned and that’s great, BUT we often tend to only focus on how we look on the outside. Now let’s focus on the inside. Fit In provides a way for us to benefit from home made healthy and filling meals at any time. Check it out:

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Official Press Release from Pretty Girls with Cancer ™

Kouture 2 Fight Kancer Charity Fashion Show was organized by Pretty Girls with Cancer ™ a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization. The founder and CEO is Kandice Rose, who is a 5 year cancer survivor. To bring awareness of early detection and prevention, PGWC offers its signature event, Kouture 2 Fight Kancer, to you at Warehouse Live on November 7, 2015 at 7 o’clock in the evening. Survivors, fighters and caregivers will “rip the runway” wearing the latest trends in fashion from an elite selection of boutiques. Professional make-up artists and stylists will finish the look for each model. Our hostess for the evening will be Miss Sugar Land 2013.

In addition to the fashion show, there will be a silent auction, signature drinks, catered dining, and the biggest “Celebration of Life” afterwards with the founder, Kandice Rose.  Kandice will be celebrating Pretty Girls with Cancer ™ ‘s 3 year anniversary, along with her fifth year as a survivor. The night will have socialites, family, friends, and VIP’s, as well as corporate sponsors to raise funds for PGWC and provide support for the different programs they offer.

We look forward to seeing you all support a great cause and help us reach our goal of $15,000.

It will help us fund our programs including Totes of Love”, Glamping Retreat, Coinz for Kids with Cancer and our Sisterly Relations monthly events. Our volunteers, PGWC team, coordinators, Glam Squad and models have worked so hard to give you the “Best Charity Fashion Show in Houston”! Make sure to mark your calendars. Get your tickets NOW before they‘re all gone! For Sponsorship and Donations, please visit our website at

Purchase your tickets NOW at under “Pretty Girls with Cancer” Cocktail or evening dress is required for the after party and you must be 21

2015 Boutiques

Melodrama, Robigirls, Kels Kloset, My Trendy Place and Men’s Warehouse (Pearland)

Remember, your contributions are tax deductible, and more importantly, will aid us in the fight against cancer.


Latonya Dansby                                                         Kandice A. Rose

            Event Coordinator                                                Founder/ Executive Director  

CSIMS Fitness – Business Spotlight

“The 5 closest people to you speak volumes about who you are”.  Cashawn Sims

It’s never the wrong time to get fit, and be healthy as an overall person, and that is exactly what CSIMS Fitness can do with you, through you, and for you. The spunky, eight pack bearing, totally hot in my opinion Cashawn Sims is one unique cookie. Possessing the passion, love, dedication, and encouragement anyone could need on a daily just to conquer everyday barriers and all through fitness, self-love, and selfless motivation.

This is not just any kind of fitness training, but that workout life that makes you excited to put on your tennis shoes and tights and head to the gym anytime. It’s demonstrated and taught by a Beautiful young woman known by the name of Cashawn Sims. She has been doing fitness since she can remember and also an ex-track athlete, making her capabilities just as suitable in this man driven fitness training profession. Of course everyone needs a good soundtrack at the gym and Cashawn Sims can’t help but love the relaxing R&B sounds of Jhene Aiko, and my girl crush Rihanna and right after jamming the selfie queen will snap a polaroid to capture the results and create everlasting memories she loves to save!!

CSIMS Fitness goals aren’t to just get your body fit but your overall mind, body, and spirit to be a better person inside as well as out with motivation, encouragement, and drive for others to succeed.

Future endeavors to look forward to from CSIMS Fitness would be the launch of a CSIMSFitness workout clothing line showcasing cool, fun, sexy, and edgy workout gear for both men and woman, and everyone wearing that exact workout gear to an established CSIMS Fitness training Gym in the next 5 years, the eye is on the prize for the radiant, kind, goofy, and very passionate Cashawn Sims and CSIMS Fitness.

It’s best to close this article with a quote very well stated by Cashawn Sims:

“You do not have to conform to what society thinks you should be. First learn to love yourself and you will attract people who value and respect you.”

I couldn’t agree more and adore Rihanna!! Check out CSIMS Fitness and Follow, Like, Tweet, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube to book your training session now!!

MA Relle

Instagram: Cookieeedough

Facebook: CSIMSFitness

Twitter: _SCookss




Fitness and Nutrition Goals and the Health Benefits of an Active Lifestyle

FYI Houston would like to welcome the newest member of our family, fellow Aggie Mark Davis. Mark is a fitness and nutrition professional and will provide readers with insight and advice on nutrition and fitness. We are proud to have Mark on our team, and he is excited about providing you with practical information on your health and wellness as well as answering all of your fitness and nutrition inquires. Continue reading as Mark formally introduces himself:

Howdy FYI Houston Readers,

My name is Mark Davis and I’m a fitness and nutrition professional. I have a BS in nutritional sciences from Texas A&M University and I am a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). I’m excited to be a part of the FYI family and I look forward to providing you with practical information in the fields of fitness and nutrition. In this inaugural blog I would like to extend an open invitation to the readers to ask me your health, fitness and nutrition questions.

In this issue I will address how to stick with your fitness and nutrition goals and the health benefits of an active lifestyle. Fitness and nutrition goals are similar to New Year’s resolutions in the sense that they are usually discarded after a few weeks. Why?! The main reasons people give up on these goals are because they are not specific or sustainable. The key to achieving fitness and nutrition goals, or any goal for that matter, is consistency. The more consistently we can work towards accomplishing a goal the more likely we will succeed at that particular goal. So what are the deterrents to consistency? Your goals should be specific and sustainable. For example, when making a workout plan, instead of just planning to “work out” three times weekly, you should schedule your work out days as you do with any important event and pre plan the exercises you will do during your scheduled time. As far as sustainability, your exercises should be within your fitness level. If the work out is too intense it is highly likely you will not continue for more than a couple of weeks. If you are not familiar with what your fitness level is or what exercises will work best for you, I recommend you contacting a Certified Personal Trainer at your gym or local YMCA. These two points can increase your chances of accomplishing your goals tremendously.

Lastly, the health benefits of an active lifestyle are numerous and well documented. An active lifestyle can prevent, reduce risk, and help treat chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension. These chronic diseases are the top killers of Americans and can all be mitigated by a health y and active lifestyle. So, as we spring into summer make it your goal to live a healthy and active life and make sure all of your goals are specific and sustainable.

Mark Davis B.S.N CPS Nutritionist

Mike “The Truth” and the Houston MMA Scene

FYI Houston: How do you want to be remembered at the end of your career?

Mike Jackson: That’s a good looking fighter right there…he must have not gotten punched in the face a lot.

The city of Houston has a reputation for breeding unequivocal talent in any field, and Mixed Martial Arts is no exception. Since the MMA boom spread throughout the nation, Houston’s MMA scene has been bustling.

Mike Jackson is one of those guys with the kind of innate talent to succeed at any endeavor. He says he has always been a fan of the sport, and once he was exposed to everything MMA has to offer he was hooked. He notes, “I walked into a gym one day, tried it out, and haven’t looked back since.”Not only has Mike Jackson made a name for himself competing in both Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts, he is also one of the largest MMA personalities in his home town (Houston, TX) as well as the state. He also produces video blogs, conducts post-fight interviews—all while attending college to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology.

Mike’s success in the ring of course stems from his preparation. His strict workout and diet combination is what sets him apart from his competition. His rigorous training routine is rewarded in his fight record, where he is ranked #5 in Houston’s Lightweight Division. When Mike is preparing for an upcoming fight, he tells us “A basic workout [for me] is to get six rounds on the heavy bag and speed bag, and three rounds of mitts with my coach.” You would think that a fighter’s training regimen is the toughest part of their job, but not for Mike. He notes that dieting during training is the most challenging for him because of his food weakness. “I have NO self-control when I’m around it” explains Mike. While he claims to eat pretty much anything in sight during training, for example, high protein meats and lots of vegetables, he has to avoid almost all of his mom’s cooking. Talk about tough! Who can resist Mom?!

Despite his challenging training routine, Mike loves everything about being a fighter. “I just enjoy doing something that makes me happy.” Mike says the main thing that sets him apart from other fighters is his personality. That’s very humble of him, but we have seen his jab. When he explains his fighting style, he can’t be modest either. “I’m primarily a striker, although I do have a decent ground game, but everyone knows me for my jab. I have one of the most devastating jabs that myself and others know of.”

When Mike is not devastating his opponent with a mean jab, he focuses his time promoting the Houston MMA scene. You can follow all things related to Mike “The Truth” and the Houston MMA scene at . You can also check out his Facebook page and follow him on Twitter @TheTruthJackson.

-Coyo Alexander

“Triple Threat” by Rhonda Williams

When you hear the phrase triple threat most may refer to someone who excels in three skills of a particular category. In this article I will use triple threat as a representation of stress, worry and anxiety. Stress is the way the mind and body respond to a given challenge. Anxiety is inner turmoil that causes uneasiness and fear. Worry is disturbing thoughts that cause doubt, fear and torment of oneself. Most do not realize how dangerous the three can be on your overall mental, physical and emotional health. If you examine the three all coincide; so more often than not one may experience all three.

We all have stressors that we are challenged with daily. Some we release effortlessly and some we allow to manifest in your mind and body. When stress is hoarded, it begins to fester and cause negative energy in the body. Negative energy causes worry, anxiety, sickness mood swings, relationship issues, comprehension, low sex drive etc. Learning to release stress, worry and anxiety regularly can prevent stored negative energy and allow positive energy to flow easily throughout the body. There are five action tips that I encourage to try in order to release triple threat.

  1. Avoidance: Avoiding the cause of your stress. Not identifying the root of the problem can cause more stress and eventually irritability and agitation. Avoidance will not make the problem go away nor will it help in anyway.
  2. Exercise: Exercising regularly is a great way to release negative energy. Releasing hot air through your mouth and replacing it with fresh air through your nose increases energy and clears pathways. Sweating out toxins allows more room for positive energy.
  3. Healthy Eating: Choose foods regularly that promote healthy living. Fat, sugar and sodium takes longer to digest and if your body is at a high level of stress can slow down your metabolism; especially if you do not workout regularly. Stress can also increase or decrease your appetite which can cause weight gain or loss.
  4. Talking Outlet: Choose someone or group that you can share your thoughts and stressors to. Talking to someone else can give you a different perspective on the situation, solutions, advice and previous experiences with similar content. Talking is a great way to reduce stress.
  5. Connectivity: Staying connected to your higher power and spirituality is so important when avoiding and releasing stress, worry and anxiety. Giving your higher power the burden of stressors allows you to focus on the things that are positive in your life.

Staying connected with the fruit of the spirit will not allow negative energy to occupy space in the body for a prolonged period of time.


Rhonda Williams


“I Keep Falling For Me” by Rhonda Williams

Have you ever thought about your relationship pattern? What type of friends and lovers do you attract? Do you feel that you choose healthy relationships or not so great relationships? Most people don’t understand why they find themselves in the same situation with a different person constantly. That’s when you’ll hear people say, “there aren’t any good men/women out here”, or “friends aren’t loyal these days.” You may often witness certain people uplifting their relationships with others. Why is that? Why do certain people attract good relationships and others don’t? Because you don’t get out of life what you want, you get out of life who you are.

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