Business Spotlight: Halena Designs

Halena Designs

Halena designs is a small boutique featuring custom and traditional pieces highlighting Eritrean culture. The company was established by Halena, who is a native of Eritrea and currently living in Detroit. “Jewelry is an easy, functional and beautiful way to incorporate culture into everyday wear.” she tells us.

Halena has two focuses with her company: to make beautiful jewelry that women can enjoy for any occasion as well as introduce customers to the unique and rich Eritrean culture. “I love the fact that something I create can bridge the cultural gap for Eritreans living in diaspora. It also brings awareness to Eritrea and its rich culture, as well as making it easily accessible to all who admire it.”

You can purchase this beautiful jewelry on their website and it will be delivered to you (almost) anywhere you are in the world.

-Coyo Alexander

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Reve Clothing’s – Ryan Prater

Ryan Prater was born in Port Arthur and currently lives in Houston! Ryan plans to continue amazing people with his clothing line, Reve Clothing! Over the next five years he plans to open his own clothing store; expanding his brand in today’s global marketplace.

Just prior to starting his clothing line, Ryan lost it all! “…job, car, and home,” says Ryan. Throughout the hardship, he continued to stay hungry, pushing back his release date where he says, “Everything worked out just fine.”

His next event is scheduled for July 26, 2014 at 4pm in Houston. Follow @reveclothing for all updates, special give-a-ways, exclusive custom one of one tees, and more.

Advice for the Next Generation:

“Never Quit”

“Stay hungry”

“Stay humble”

“Never let them out work you”…

Reve Clothing      

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“I am a custom designer. I personalize the individual.” -Tish Lott

Tishomengia ‘Tish’ Lott began designing at the tender age of 7, when her grandmother taught her to make clothes for her dolls. She has been a fashionista ever since. When she decided to take her passion seriously she enrolled in Wade College to pursue a degree in Fashion Merchandising.

Designs by Tish Lott
Designs by Tish Lott

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Infuse Clothing pic 2 Dream Chasers sleeve
FYIH: What have you been up to?
Calvin: I’ve mostly been working on the brand of course, implementing ideas and coming up with new ones, achieving goals that I set so I can create room for new ones. Whether I’m in school working on my business degree, or out hanging out with family and friends, I am constantly thinking of new ideas. In general, I have been working on how to come up with solutions to everyday problems, thinking big about how I can create a positive influence on every single person/organization that comes in contact with my brand.

FYIH: What new products do you have?
Calvin: Recently released the Tiger Head Tee Collection and The all new Cuffed Pom Beanies and the modern Cuffed Beanie as well.

Infuse Clothing Co.
Infuse Clothing Co.

FYIH: What else have you been working on?
Calvin: Other than releasing new products, I’ve been working on creating our first ever Infuse Clothing Anniversary/Fashion/Talent showcase ever. It’s still an idea so I don’t want to elaborate, but it’s just something we thought of doing for our supporters to get them more involved with the brand.

FYIH: How has the brand/co. developed since we last spoke?
Calvin: The Brand has progressively developed since we last spoke. As a company, I am truly humbled at the growth we are experiencing; it only shows that if you set your mind to achieve something you want in life, you truly can achieve all your dreams and goals if you believe in yourself and are passionate. We’ve gotten the chance to partner with some of Houston’s businesses and organizations that I always looked up before Infuse was ever established, so it’s very encouraging and it also inspires me to work hard and dream bigger! I also want to say that our partnering with FYI Houston has influenced our brand, and I am inspired by all that they do. Our brand is actively inspiring people here across Houston and we are looking forward to reaching cities across the country.

Infuse Clothing Co.
Infuse Clothing Co.

FYIH: Do you plan to expand the product line? If so, what products will you offer?
Calvin: Yes I’m definitely working on expanding our product lines. I’m looking forward to bring in the fall wear which includes hoodies, beanies and cardigans. I am also working on bringing in more products for women, lie crop tops and for the general unisex products. I’m also working on Fashion Fitted pocket tees.

FYIH: What has inspired your latest designs/styles?
Calvin: My latest design styles are inspired by my work morale! Our work motto we use for our team (team Infuse) is “Simplicity with Excellence”. My latest products are inspired by the cultures and people that inspire me. The general development of my latest products are all simple but they have the factor of excellence. One of my local customers, Forrest S. saw me wear one of my Logo Tee’s that I hadn’t released yet at the time and said “Wow, bro that shirt is so simple but its mad cool, when can I get one”, after him, everyone else had the same reaction. I noticed how the reaction stirred up a trend and realized that I could use what motivates my working style can be a form of fashion. So today I’m creating new lines and a new look simply based on this “Simplicity with Excellence”™

Infuse Clothing Co.
Infuse Clothing Co.

FYIH: What do you have planned for this season’s collection? Next season? (Clothes, styles, fabrics, etc.)
Calvin: For this seasons Collection I’m working on our first new style of fall wear including Hoodies, the all new Cuffed Pom Beanies and the modern Cuffed Beanie as well.

FYIH: What are the trends for this season? Will you be following them or incorporating them into your designs?
Calvin: Trends for this upcoming season (fall wear) include crewnecks, hoodies and beanies. I definitely plan on incorporating most of them into my designs but I would say expect something unique and exclusive for the everyday wear.

FYIH: What events (charity, trade shows, etc.) do you plan to participate in this season?
Calvin: This season I’ll definitely be attending:
-FYI Houston Fall 2013 Issue Launch Party
H town sneaker summit
Houston Cars and Coffee Show, myself and Team Infuse

FYIH: What can we expect from the company in the coming months?
Calvin: First and foremost expect us to Aspire and Inspire.

Without fashion, I would be…bored.
Fashion is…an art of expression.
My work makes me feel…unique.
I create the style because…they inspire others.
Support my brand because…it’s a positive alternative lifestyle brand that represents the idea of unlimited possibilities, the idea that you can create what you want in life.

Business Spotlight: INFUSE CLOTHING

“If they won’t hire you, hire yourself.”
Calvin, Owner of Infuse Clothing


Calvin, the owner of Infuse clothing, is not all about making money, but giving back to his community. Whether it is providing food to needy families, sharing his great ideas, or selling attire to make people look good, he is always lending a hand. He came from a family of entrepreneurs, but did not decide he wanted to open his own business until his 18th birthday. He was unable to find a job and one Sunday he went to church and his pastor said, “If they won’t hire you, hire yourself.” Taking the advice to heart, the successful business owner knows he has found his passion and knows what he was put here to do.

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