‘Alchemy’ by Susan Carol’ + Official “Kick It” Video

Susan Carol’ is proud to release her album entitled Alchemy. The album is now available on all digital shelves.

This project encompasses the growth of Susan as an artist and individual. The upbeat tracks provide the sounds that get you in that “feel good” mode while the soulful songs bring back memories and emotions of love and love lost. Below are the descriptions of the songs on Alchemy from Susan Carol.

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Goodfella QP- Rapper

Houston, TX native rapper Quinten Lamb is known around the city by the name of Goodfella QP. With performances in New Orleans from All Star weekend and Mardi Gras, Goodfella QP is grinding hard in 2017.

When FYI Houston caught up with Goodfella QP, he described his ability to “paint a picture” with his raps as what sets him apart from the crowd. “It’s more than just words over a beat with me,” stated Goodfella QP. Growing up in H-town has a huge influence on his music and as he continues to work on his music, the city is starting to buzz.

To contact Goodfella QP follow him on Instagram @GoodfellaQP or check out his website at www.reverbnation.com/goodfella206

Follow Up with Hosea Mais

FYI Houston got the chance to catch up with underground producer Hosea Mais, the founder of ISH beats (I Support Hosa’s beats). Hosea jumped around Texas and is now settled in Fort Collins, Colorado and the passionate producer has been working hard at his craft.

His sound is unique and truly different from most beats that producer’s these days are creating. With musical influences like Logic and experience playing metal music, Hosea is definitely one that thinks outside the box.

Hosea has already had a few collaborations with big name producers like SKI beatz, producer of Jay-Z’s Dead Presidents. The plan for Hosea is to continue working with the industry’s top producers and artist and to represent the ISH beats brand strong.

For beat inquiries or more questions for Hosea and ISH beats, contact @ishbeatstx on Instagram and check out his website at https://ishbeatstx.bandcamp.com

FYI HOUSTON SUMMER 2013: Hosea Mais of ISH Beats

Milky Wayv Presents Peyton’s Debut Album, Peace in the Midst of a Storm

Experimental R&B artist, Peyton is making major wayvs in the local Houston music scene as well as worldwide as she released her second body of work, Peace in the Midst of a Storm, on November 16th via Milky Wayv, which has streamed over 2,000 plays in just 24 hours.

The 18-year-old songstress has shown an exponential amount of growth while outsourcing collaboration with producers like Froyo Ma (producer of “Star Creek Ocean”) from New Orleans and Caz Aglets who produced “Demons” from Ohio. Peyton reveals to her listeners her multidimensional songwriting and production capabilities, different from her approach observed on her previous EP, Roller Coaster. This 10-track album consists of melodic, calming bass lines like that of “Pey-2-O” produced by Houston-based artist and producer, Chase of Nazareth, and certified radio bangers like “Ride” and “Heart-Attack” produced by fellow label mate, Bobby Earth. There’s a little something for everyone to enjoy on this project. Peyton’s fans are wildly amazed by her ability to consistently inspire and push music forward. From the first track to the last, you will experience the power of love as it pertains to romantic love, friendship, and spirituality.

All of the latest Milky Wayv releases, including Peace in the Midst of a Storm, are available for streaming/download via SoundCloudBandcampYouTube, and the official Milky Wayv website (www.milkywayvmusic.com). Follow Peyton (@bbypey) and Milky Wayv (@milkyxwayv) on Twitter for updates on all upcoming shows, music videos, and projects. It’s guaranteed to be tope (tight and dope at the same time).

We hope you enjoy what you hear. Please let us know what you think.

Milky Wayv Management

Peyton – Peace in the Midst of a Storm (stream on SoundCloud): https://soundcloud.com/milkywayv/sets/peyton-peace-in-the-midst-of-a-storm

Peyton – Peace in the Midst of a Storm (purchase on Bandcamp): https://bbypey.bandcamp.com/album/peace-in-the-midst-of-a-storm

Peyton – Peace in the Midst of a Storm (exclusive free download link): https://www.dropbox.com/sh/npzkqeok1tlkuk4/AABS6rJKEa8xVZ354FtrnQrva?dl=0

Terrence Keller- Rapper

Terrence Keller, formerly known as T-doe is a Louisiana native that now calls Houston, TX home. Louisiana has a huge influence on the rapper’s style, but Terrence has been tearing up the Houston local underground scene.

Terrence took writing poems as a child to writing raps as a teenager and is now fully exploring his lyrical abilities. When FYI asked Terrence what artist he would work with if you could work with anyone right now, the rapper had one name, Pharell. With that name, FYI knows that Terrence’s claim to want to make an “impact on the culture” is real.
For more information on Terrence Keller, follow him on Instagram @TerrenceKeller or check out his YouTube page here.

Nay Hound- Rapper

Rapper Nay Hound is currently rocking the underground scene in Alabama but is originally from Long Island, NY. You can tell he still rocks with NY because when FYI Houston caught up with Nay Hound, all of his biggest musical influences were straight out of the Empire State.

Tragedy from the loss of his first-born son pushed Nay Hound to take his music more seriously and push himself to a whole different level. Nay Hound struggled through that time but now strives to go further for his son. Be sure to keep your ear to the streets for the release of Nay Hound’s next project entitled Pain.

Follow Nay Hound on Instagram @nayhound_

Grrl Garage Group Invades HOUSTON Jan 21st


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The Darts (US) are taking their Phoenix-and-Los-Angeles-based girl gang on the road across the US for the first time, beginning with the southern states in January 2017. Listen to The Darts’ debut album –  just released in December 2016 on Dirty Water Records (UK) –  here.

“I’ve always wanted to be in an all-girl band, with badass girls who are, first of all, awesome musicians,” says singer/organist Nicole Laurenne. And the key there is “badass”. Because this ain’t elevator music. This band is more heavy and aggressive sounding than any of the ladies’ previous bands – which include The Love Me Nots, Motobunny, Zero Zero (Nicole), The Two Tens, The Dollyrots, Thee Outta Sites (drummer/singer Rikki Styxx), The Love Me Nots, Casual Encounters, The Madcaps (bassist/singer Christina  Nunez), and Brainspoon (guitarist/singer Michelle Balderrama). What this is, basically, is just good ol’ fashioned Stooges-meets-Trashwomen kind of rock’n’roll, purposely left a little rough around the edges, with a certain old-school punk feel and, most of all, a good-time vibe.

The band formed in early 2016 when, after watching each other’s bands from the sidelines for years, Nicole and Michelle decided it was high time to write some songs and put together the all-girl supergroup of their dreams. With twelve songs ready, Californians Rikki and Michelle recorded their tracks in Los Angeles and Arizonans Nicole and Christina then tracked their parts in Phoenix. Arizona producer Bob Hoag (Flying Blanket Recordings) did the mix, resulting in an album full of garage riffs, girl-group harmonies, heavy fuzz bass, Farfisa organ, pounding drum fills, and all-around lo-fi-turned-hi-fi goodness.

Their song “Take What I Need” powered its way into regular rotation on Little Steven’s syndicated radio show, The Underground Garage, and the band got a surprise shout-out from author Steven King via Twitter. Just two months after playing its first live show together, The Darts signed to esteemed trash-rock British label Dirty Water Records – and released a DIY music video – in December 2016. The band will tour Europe and release its next record this summer 2017.


JAN 14 PHOENIX Valley Bar
JAN 18 EL PASO Lowbrow Palace
JAN 19 SAN ANTONIO Limelight
JAN 20 AUSTIN The Blackheart
JAN 21 HOUSTON Notsuoh
JAN 23 AUBURN DeRailed
JAN 24 NASHVILLE Springwater
JAN 26 DALLAS Three Links
JAN 29 PHOENIX Rebel Lounge

Get in touch with The Darts (US) at thedarts.us@gmail.com for media requests, guest lists, booking info, and promo copies on MP3 or vinyl.


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“The Darts ‘Take What I Need.’ Very cool.” – Stephen King, author
“The Coolest Song In The World [‘Take What I Need]” – The Underground Garage (SiriusXM Radio)
“The talent in this band is off the charts.” – 50thirdand3rd (FL)
“Visceral, unhinged..One of my favorite tracks of the year.” – Phoenix New Times
“A raucous first EP.” – Arizona Republic 
“The best new band I have seen in quite awhile.” – John Carlucci,The Underground Garage
“A knock-out punch.” – Rich’s Rants n Raves (Las Vegas)
“The best girl band in the universe.” – Blog Da Buzzo (Brazil)
“Exciting, dark..A sweltering sound that consumes all of your garage rock desires.” – Java Magazine
“Oh yeah, Nicole Laurenne does it again!” – Genya Ravan, Chicks and Broads / The Underground Garage
Best 50 Singles By Phoenix Bands 2016 – Phoenix New Times
Top 20 EPs By Phoenix Bands 2016 – Phoenix New Times

Taz Da Realist is BACK with NEW VISUALS to vibe to…

Female artist TazDaRealist is back with some new heat for the streets. She introduces her latest visual ‘The Intro’ which is another lyrical masterpiece. We first introduced her to you in April 2016, and she is keeping true to her word in not letting up and working hard until everyone knows her name. Check out her visual and let us know what you think.

FYI Houston Spring 2016 interview with Taz Da Realist

TWITTER @iamtazdarealist
IG @iamtazdarealist
YOUTUBE @iamtazdarealist

Deus Lee Presents: Straight Bars No Hooks

Today’s music industry is filled with modern day shenanigans that even the 80s babies can’t stand to listen to. It’s as if the radio consistently plays dope nursery rhymes for elementary kids to sing along and dance to. Though there are a good number of people who enjoy where gangster rap and trap music have led us, there are a large number of listeners awaiting real rap to return; simply put, people want lyricism. We’ve heard all the cool beats, auto tune, and sing-song rap we can take. “Where is the content?!”, they exclaim.

Starting his music career with “The Project”, Kent Hadnot, also known as Deus Lee, experienced loads of support from back home family and friends, and in even bigger numbers, his college campus. Before grauduating from the University of Incarnate Word, he dropped his second mixtape, “The Project II: I Just Wanna Rap”. With noticeable progression, relevant content, and precious talent, Deus Lee has continued to improve and impress with his most recent project, “Straight Bars No Hooks”, #SBNH.
Deus Lee karate chops words in a way that provides a breath of fresh air to those who needed to be reminded that real artists, real music, and real lyricism still exist. He creatively composed a mixture of sounds and verses, literally no hooks, to express pain, reality, truths, and even fun times from his collegiate past. He paints verbal images and touches touchy topics willingly, demolishing devils as he delivers from the depths of his soul. It’s the type of music you enjoy listening to over and over to pick up punchlines and puns you didn’t catch before.
Deus Lee created half the beats, and wrote MOST of his music. He specifically included a freestyle with friends, as well as “Flow Style Jank” which in his terms means to freestyle until you fall off, then pick up where you left off. “It was never written, so it’s a flow style”, he joked. To make this short project even more special, he released the tape on Thanksgiving Day, his 24th birthday.
In addition, Deus Lee will be releasing visuals to accompany his bars and it won’t be long before he comes out with his next mixtape! Be on the lookout and get your SOUL FOOD in the meantime. Less than 30 minutes of killer word play, eloquent speech, and head bobbers, you can find “Straight Bars No Hooks” on Soundcloud, iTunes, Tidal, Spotify, Amazon, and Google Play.
Listen on Soundcloud