Nickee B LIVE Show

The electric, boisterous radio/ television personality Nickee B from Brusha, Texas is going to tell it like it is, never leave anything out, and give you nothing but the truth. You are guaranteed to tune in to the Nickee B’s Live show every week!

Nickee B Live pic 1It all started in 2002 when aspiring songstress Nickee B was introduced to Edward Sanchez and Annie of V103 Jamz by her stepmother. Shortly after, she was introduced to Flip Dashwood and Shag D and began doing studio sessions. Then she found herself at the radio station everyday. “From there it took off.” Nickee B started as an intern and boldly proved herself to radio DJs and listeners. She finally got the opportunity to host her own show, Nickee B Live, on Saturday nights from 8pm – 11pm. She was also a host on 101.9 The Beat Aggieland’s Party Station on Sundays from 12pm – 2pm. The gifted, charitable individual discusses everything from entertainment, news, and all the hot topics.

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I Believe in Me if Nobody Else Does” -DLo



The self-proclaimed underdog in the rap game, Dominique ‘D-Lo’ Early describes his music as ‘Trill Talk Texas”. That’s big talk in the land of the trill, Houston, Texas. Meaning, these words shouldn’t be taken lightly. That statement gives you an idea how much confidence D-Lo has in skills. He doesn’t write. All of D-Lo’s music is recorded straight from the dome as he depicts his life and thoughts over his hand-crafted beats.

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The multi-talented Kushone Green Jr.

“I want to bring that “In My Slab Riding Muzik” back to the 3rd coast.” -Kushone Green Jr.

Self motivated, Oak Cliff realist Kushone Green Jr. raps, performs, produces, composes, creates graphics, and engineers all of his music. He is all over the music industry and utilizes all of his talents. Listen to his past album I’m Ready, and past tracks like, $tack$  featuring Lukas, and Wussup Widget. In these songs he displays his many talents, his grind, and character all in one. “My life motivates my music. I only record what I know to be facts, not what someone else told me or saw.” The artist desires to rebrand the South Texas music to outsiders with his creative and lyrical music style. “We’re all ringtones and dance songs. It’s nothing wrong with it if that’s what you like. But lyricists don’t get played without gimmicks. I want to bring that “In My Slab Riding Muzik” back to the 3rd coast.”

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Kokaine Swan of OAK CLIFF, TX

Hip hop artist Kokaine Swan says there is nothing more to give the world but realness. He is from Dallas “Oak Cliff”, Texas and represents his hood “Kiest & Polk” to the fullest. His music is very lyrical and he describes it as “lifestyle trap music.” This is what makes Kokaine Swan so unique because unlike other artists on the radio, everything he spits he is doing and the hood can vouch for him. “Ain’t too many real rappers. Word play has advanced, but I am going to be the realest rapper on the radio or any track.”

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DubJay of Mt.Vernon, TX talks with FYI Houston

It’s DubJay!

A few weeks ago, FYI Houston sat down with rapper “DubJay” from Mount Vernon, Texas to talk about his music, where he has come from, and where he sees his music taking him in the future. “DubJay” is a funny person who sincerely wants his fans to enjoy his music. He is also a great storyteller, a great skill for a rapper to have. So, we’ll just let him tell you who he is. Ladies and Gents, I give you “DubJay”!


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We caught up with Brian Barber to see how he has been doing since we talked to him last. Looks like things have been going well for the team!

What have you been up to?

I’ve been working hard in the studio every chance that I get. Since I linked up with MouseQuake and James Kline (of Banger Boy Studio in Arlington, TX), it’s been non-stop work. Currently, I’m working on four different projects.

What events/music/products have you been promoting?Brian Barber

I’ve been mostly promoting the music being produced and the services offered by both Sound Mentality and Banger Boy Studios. The most recent event that I have coming up would be the “2013 A3C Festival ‘Pro-Audio Experience’ with iStandard Producers Showcase @ SAE Institute in Atlanta, GA on October 3,2013.” I am blessed to be the featured producer for winning the 2012 A3C Festival iStandard Producers Showcase held in Atlanta, GA as well.

How has your business developed since the last time we caught up with you?

The business has definitely developed into a solid entity. We’ve been blessed to have the right people to come in at the right time so that business will run fluidly.

What do you have planned in the coming months?

In the coming months, we have a few more showcases coming up and of course, even more projects and opportunities to take advantage of. Candace Manns from CManns Management, LLC continues to have me on a tight schedule which helps me to stay consistence and hungry!

What future projects can we look forward to?

Be on the lookout for, new projects coming from Dallas-native, C’Thru and Wisconsin-native, Juq’o Vibe with features from DeeRick.

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FB: Brian Barber (Music Producer)

Vine: B. Barber of SMP

Visit the Sound Mentality Website HERE

Listen to Sound Mentality on SoundCloud

Banger Boy Studio

James Kline – Owner

Mouse Quake – Sound Engineer

FB: Banger Boy Studio – Arlington, TX 817-987-1104

Visit the Banger Boy Studio Website HERE

Candace Manns (Entertainment Manager)

C.Manns Management , LLC Entertainment Management Company

MANNS: (979) 209 – 4486



“Taking over the world has always been my goal” – Elle Jae

Elle Jae, originally from Detroit, Michigan, currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia. She has a very energetic personality and stays positive as an ambitious, God-fearing woman. She’s working on her first maxi single, and names some of her “amazing” producers, engineers and songwriter in her interview with FYI Houston.

Granddaughter of Eli Fountain, Detroit jazz musician who played saxophone, her favorite music includes Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, and Frank Sinatra just to name a few. She is motivated by getting people to understand, listen, and love her music. We asked her what makes her style unique and separates her from other entertainers, and she responded saying, “My heart is full of love… I project my love to my fans…I give my music, my happiness, and my love.”

“Taking over the world has always been my goal,” says Elle Jae, “but you must start somewhere.” She has links to music everywhere, creating more of a online presence, along side with blogging, posters and even standing outside handing out CD’s. Her first gig was in church, but now she’s working on getting booked in China. She wants her fans to determine where she will be in the next five years.

Elle Jae prides herself in being extremely talented playing the Air Guitar. Some of her other hobbies include gaming, collecting comic books, vintage toys & robots.Outside of her humor, she gives back to her community by feeding the homeless and volunteering with the Salvation Army.


Music from Elle Jae:

“Whatever it is that you want to do one day, just do it! No one can stop you from doing exactly what it is you want to do.” – Ashley Cheatham

Ashley N. Cheatham, 24 years old, California born and Texas raised. As an entertainer, she acts as a reality television personality, as well as a model. She discovered her beauty and entertainer side accidentally during a game of truth or dare with (her) mom, (who) dared (her) to apply for bad girls club.” She carelessly laughed and sent a paragraph email began her beautiful story.

Ashley Cheatham has been modeling since December of 2009 doing her first professional photo shoot during her senior year of college. She has worked on projects such as: reality TV, music videos, magazine features, TV hosting, and hosting at various clubs across the U.S. Her style is simple yet sexy, saying “I don’t like to do ‘too much’ all at once. I love hair, accessories, and all things girly.”

She desires to be the very best her that she can be. She doesn’t live for others expectations. She strives to be the type of person who looks back at my life at 90 years old and says “damn, I did that.”

Ashley’s opinion of beauty is truly in the eyes of the beholder. She has an attraction to beauty inside and out. She can find some sort of beauty in just about everyone. Talents. Great organizer! Great at visually putting others together, ie. makeovers. Aside from that, she’s just that honest to a fault friend that you never want to ask “does this dress make me look fat?”

Her personality depends on her mood and who she’s with. Upon first meeting others, she’s polite and playful. Once becoming friends with someone she’s sarcastic and funny. If she actually likes someone she’s super flirty and caring. Her personality varies but overall she’s a humble spirit.

She graduated from Lamar University with a bachelors in Human Resource/Management. She encourages everyone to conquer their fears and just go out & do it! She says, “Whatever it is that you want to do one day, just do it! No one can stop you from doing exactly what it is you want to do. Nor did anyone say it would be easy. But once you get to that finish line and actually achieve your goal, it’s the best feeling in the world and totally worth it.”

The sky’s the limit, so she loves working in the entertainment industry & having a flexible schedule so she doesn’t see herself veering to far left over the next 5 – 10 years.

-Jacob Isaac

B. Barber, Producer, Sound Mentality Productions

“What makes all of [my] projects special is that I’m being 100% authentic with each of them. Compromising my true sound is something that I don’t do.” – B. Barber, Producer, Sound Mentality Productions

In the currently congested music industry, artists have to do nothing more than simply reach into a bucket and pull out a producer. While this may be a convenient option for an artist looking to make any kind of music, this may not be feasible recourse for the artist who desires to leave a distinct imprint in the industry. Luckily, there are producers who refuse to be placed in said bucket, and stand out amidst the crowd. Brian Barber is that type of producer. Highly skilled in the areas of composition, arrangement, recording, mixing, songwriting and promotion, Brian is a young and ambitious individual whose ultimate passion lies in creating music; period.

Barber describes his music as soulful and gritty; with a unique infusion of soul and funk that creates his special sound. His style too eclectic to be confined to a single genre, Barber’s sound spans across hip-hop, R&B, rock and pop genres. He plans to make a positive and revolutionary impression on the music industry by creating quality music. What’s quality music, you ask? Well, Brian defines this as exceptionally mixed, mastered and arranged sound. He also hopes for his music to affect change in listeners and inspire them to “really feel and examine where they are in life and motivate them to reach and/or exceed their full potential.”

The Dallas born, bred and currently based producer has been working hard to create his own lane in the industry and has had his prints on several projects so far. Having worked with artists such as June Starr, Rickstar, Taylored Rhodes, Josef Pierre and J. Rhodes to name a few, Brian has had many opportunities to collaborate with talented artists and showcase his talent and growth as a producer. He was also recently featured in the iStandard Producers Showcase at the A3C Hip-Hop Festival in October 2012. Barber has tried his hand on the battle scene as well, recently reaching the 2nd round of the A.S.A.P. (All-Star Association of Producers) Battle of the Beats.

Brian’s future plans are to continue work with quality and professional artists and companies to create and promote timeless music. In the coming years Barber aspires to land placements with major artists/labels, film and video game companies, television networks and advertisements on a consistent basis. As long as he continues to focus on creating quality music, we will definitely hear more from him in the future.

-Coyo Alexander