Artist :: Smitty Spread Love

Lauryn Hill said it best. “Music is supposed to inspire.” That’s exactly what hip hop, r&b, and rap artist Renard Smith does. With a stage name like Smitty Spread Love, it’s evident he is here to inspire. “I just added my nickname with what I do for a living”, Smith added.
Living in his purpose, Smith spreads love awareness and strives to take the stress out of people’s everyday lives. Smith says, “I plan to influence the world, as long as we find ways to create more love.”

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Artist :: DEUS LEE

Bridging the gap between conscious hip hop and trap rap genres is a musical and lyrical genius, Kent Hadnot better known as Deus Lee.

Born and raised in Houston, TX, artist Deus Lee, aspires to get people to turn up and learn “at the same damn time”. He is confident in his direction as he quotes Lil Wayne describing his fan base. “Real n*ggas fwm and idgaf who don’t”, said Deus Lee. Continue reading “Artist :: DEUS LEE”

Milky Wayv Artist :: SOLACE

Houston’s rising indie-soul songstress solace (@hipster_solace) presents her debut EP, thesis. Get ready for a smooth sonic journey through indie, soul, folk, and electronic terrain as solace details her thoughts on love, spirituality, and friendship, via flowery vocal and instrumental tones. The project is slated to release Saturday, November 4th, on Apple Music, Bandcamp, Amazon MP3, Google Play, SoundCloud, YouTube, and!

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Miss Cristal The Life-Sized Jamaican Doll Baby

 Miss Cristal also known as Trinea (pronounced Trin-nay) is a remarkably multi-talented artist originally from Ft. Lauderdale, FL born to Jamaican parents. She began performing and modeling as a toddler. This life-sized “Jamaican Dolly Baby” is a gifted songwriter, singer, rapper, trained dancer, model, and actress. She has been carving her way through the industry since her single “H*e You Just Mad” went viral resulting in fan-made videos and placement on numerous mixtapes.

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Detroit native Sylena Syree Empowers Women With Her Music



Born into music, Sylena Syree has been singing before she could even count or recite her alphabet. Her mother sings and her father is a DJ, so it only makes sense for Sylena to love music, performing and pleasing the audience.

Music is my life, so if I can sing until the day I die… I will!” Sylena exclaimed. “My favorite part is being able to perform, and allowing the world to see my talents. My least favorite part is the negative backlash that sometimes come with the industry and not always knowing who you can trust.” she continued.

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