Business Spotlight: Verticality Pole Fitness

“My students motivate me—I want to bring them the best class I can possibly provide.” –Christine Spiro, Owner, Verticality Pole Fitness

Nestled comfortably in the quiet and conservative River Oaks area of Houston, TX, lies an extravagant dance and fitness studio unlike the traditional ones familiar to the neighborhood. Welcome to Verticality Pole Fitness, an innovative dance studio that offers pole dancing fitness classes that combine elements of dance, gymnastics, strength and flexibility into a fun and empowering workout as way to get fit and stay in shape.

Founder, Christine Spiro began her journey with a vision to design a workout that women (and men—yes, men) of all ages could enjoy and continue long term. Six years ago, Christine struggled with motivation during her mundane workout routine and found it difficult to remain consistent. She had heard about pole dancing, and decided to give it a try. Christine exclaims, “It was the most challenging—and fun—workout I had ever done, and I still love it today!” The rest is history. Christine opened the doors to Verticality Pole Fitness in June 2011.

While you may be thinking of exotic dancing while imagining pole dancing, understand that pole dancing is an art that has been proven as a great way to condition, tone the core and lower body, as well as stretch the muscles. The best thing is that you won’t notice you’re working out! Christine strives to design classes that are focused on having fun and building confidence, all while getting in shape. You will also appreciate the personal attention you will receive in the small classes. Spiro is dedicated to providing customers with the best experience possible. She explains, “I want to grow by satisfying the needs of our current customers. My biggest challenge is putting together a class each week that pleases our customers. I want to offer a class that is fun, challenging, and safe; which can be quite a balancing act.”

If you’re not ready for pole dancing just yet, don’t fret. Verticality Pole Fitness also offers chair and belly dance classes if those are more your speed. They also offer private lessons, as well as private parties for those who want to celebrate a special occasion, or just get a group of friends together for a fun night out. Whatever experience you’re looking for, Christine Spiro at Verticality Pole Fitness has got you covered.

-Coyo Alexander
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Shatoia Nicole was born a fashionista, and has always dreamed of owning her own retail store or boutique one day. But she never expected to be an owner at 24 years of age. After gaining valuable experience in the retail and fashion industry for over 5 years, she was finally able to launch Glam Luxe Accessories in June 2011, selling items via social networks. As Glam Luxe Accessories became more popular, Shatoia Nicole decided to add on new merchandise selections and changed the name to Luxe Moda. The rest is history.

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Beat Beast–Jarvis Kibble

“I’m just a fresh sound. I’m not trying to re-invent the wheel, just putting my twist on it.”


Jarvis ‘Beat Beast’ Kibble is a prime example of what can be accomplished no  matter where you come from or what your surroundings are. Born and raised in the Hiram Clarke neighborhood on the Southside of Houston, Texas, Jarvis’ works have transcended beyond his city and landed nationwide onto some of hip-hop’s most popular tracks. So far, Jarvis has produced music for artists such as Z-Ro,   J-Dawg, Rick Ross, Mos Def, Gillie da Kid, Big Sean, and Kanye West to name a few.

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Business Spotlight: Medieval Beatz


                Medieval Beatz officially became a business in 2006 when YE, CEO, figured he could save the entertainment industry with his creative beats and exclusive production skills. His older brother recognized his great talent for music and later decided to join forces with YE in 2009. Now, Medieval Beatz has many employees and business partners including John Allen of Team Too Freaky (TTF) Currently, Medieval Productions is located all over the state of Texas, but will be relocating its main office to New York this year.

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In today’s society, only social pariahs are those whose bodies aren’t adorned with tattoos. This is in stark contrast to society’s previous perspective on tattooing, which considered tattoos to be the mark of persons involved in, shall we say, less-than-admirable activities. These days, the question isn’t whether to get a tattoo or not, the real question is who do you go to, to receive legendary ink?

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