Bar Beauties – Special Event Bartenders

Everyone loves a beautiful smile along with a cool sizzling drink! oAnd don’t forget the R&B jams to create the ambiance. This is exactly what Tonya Thompson is offers with her Bar Beauties bar tending business. This mobile-bar, hookah,  and frozen drink rental is convenient for any high-class executive event, to old-fashioned house beauties

The best part about Bar Beauties is that it is located right here in Houston, Texas; Tonya Thompson has been building her business for more than one year, and with inspiration from Oprah, she gave up her job as a full-time attendant to use her innate niche for putting smiles on people’s faces. She’s creating classic mixed drinks with a twist, inviting everyone to enjoy  being pampered in their own atmosphere.

Everyone please support Houston’s own Bar Beauties and beautiful owner Tonya Thompson. You can also become one of these beautiful ladies by inquiring about Tonya Thompson’s available positions for licensed bartenders.

Now Who’s Talking About Mixing and Moving?!

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Nanny’s Front Porch: Authentic Southern Home Style Meals (Video)

Nanny’s Front Porch is definitely the place to go if you are looking for “Authentic Southern Home Style Meals” in Sunnyside/South Park Houston, TX. Ms. Etta will treat you and feed you like you are a part of her family. Offering a menu that features everything from baked chicken, turkey wings, gumbo, and cornbread dressing, Ms. Etta has exactly what you need to treat your belly. She received her inspiration from her mother (the original Nanny) in Beaumont, TX where she grew up. She recalls her church members piling up on her mother’s front porch after church to get a place of her mother’s home-cooked food. She started catering first, and in June 2014 she decided to open her own restaurant to bring her delicious meals to the masses. So when you are on Houston’s South Side you NOW know where to go when you are craving home-cooked food: Nanny’s Front Porch is located at 13000 Cullen BLVD at Almeda Genoa in the Valero Gas station strip.


Nanny's Front Porch MENU
Nanny’s Front Porch MENU


Tavarus “Retro Hendrix” Durgin was born and raised in Mobile, AL. This Army Veteran currently resides in Houston, TX. After serving his country on a Combat Tour in Afghanistan, Taxfree Global was created. Retro Hendrix now handles marketing and promotions, and is also a Hip Hop Artist.

After a year long combat in Afganistan, Retro Hendrix and Co-Founder, Gai Taxfree decided that they did not want to work for anyone anymore; so they put everything they had into making good quality music. They now operate a Black Army Veteran Owned Business.

Retro Hendrix utilizes social media and word of mouth advertising to market the business. “We are in the age of Technology. I can sit in the comforts of my home and reach out to my clients all over the world,” says Hendrix.

After returning to society from the Army, adapting back to civilian life was one of the hardest things for Hendrix; who still deals with this today. “Its hard to get people to understand why you acting a certain way, says Hendrix “I’ve seen a lot of things the average human will never see in there lifetime.”

Hendrix loves the fact that he can get up and do what he wants to do, but getting people to believe in you and your brand can be one of the most challenging things in starting your own business. “Believe it or not, family members are the worst,” says Hendrix.

Over the coming months, Hendrix plans to continually grow the company and never look back. Over the next five years, Hendrix plans to employ 10 to fifteen individuals to help build the TaxFreeGlobal Brand. For someone looking to start their own business, Hendrix says, “Give it all you have and never look back; Never give up on what you believe in”

Catch Retro Hendrix each and every Friday at Avani Lounge, 5711 Hillcroft. For tickets: RSVP

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CSIMS Fitness – Business Spotlight

“The 5 closest people to you speak volumes about who you are”.  Cashawn Sims

It’s never the wrong time to get fit, and be healthy as an overall person, and that is exactly what CSIMS Fitness can do with you, through you, and for you. The spunky, eight pack bearing, totally hot in my opinion Cashawn Sims is one unique cookie. Possessing the passion, love, dedication, and encouragement anyone could need on a daily just to conquer everyday barriers and all through fitness, self-love, and selfless motivation.

This is not just any kind of fitness training, but that workout life that makes you excited to put on your tennis shoes and tights and head to the gym anytime. It’s demonstrated and taught by a Beautiful young woman known by the name of Cashawn Sims. She has been doing fitness since she can remember and also an ex-track athlete, making her capabilities just as suitable in this man driven fitness training profession. Of course everyone needs a good soundtrack at the gym and Cashawn Sims can’t help but love the relaxing R&B sounds of Jhene Aiko, and my girl crush Rihanna and right after jamming the selfie queen will snap a polaroid to capture the results and create everlasting memories she loves to save!!

CSIMS Fitness goals aren’t to just get your body fit but your overall mind, body, and spirit to be a better person inside as well as out with motivation, encouragement, and drive for others to succeed.

Future endeavors to look forward to from CSIMS Fitness would be the launch of a CSIMSFitness workout clothing line showcasing cool, fun, sexy, and edgy workout gear for both men and woman, and everyone wearing that exact workout gear to an established CSIMS Fitness training Gym in the next 5 years, the eye is on the prize for the radiant, kind, goofy, and very passionate Cashawn Sims and CSIMS Fitness.

It’s best to close this article with a quote very well stated by Cashawn Sims:

“You do not have to conform to what society thinks you should be. First learn to love yourself and you will attract people who value and respect you.”

I couldn’t agree more and adore Rihanna!! Check out CSIMS Fitness and Follow, Like, Tweet, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube to book your training session now!!

MA Relle

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“Pole dance, Chair dance, Belly dance, and Stretching”

These days it seem like the new hangout spot is where you can go to watch pole dances. Females are visiting these establishments as “Ladies Nigh Out” events and they do not seem to be taboo locations for guys to take their female companion out for a drink. For those of you interested in taking the more applied approach to experiencing pole dance, the fine people at Verticality Pole Fitness are here to give you the information that you need. And don’t worry if you don’t have prior experience they offer small classes and a fun friendly exercise environment

Verticality Pole Fitness, which first opened its doors in June 2011, is located at 554 Waugh Drive in the River Oaks area of Houston Texas. Their classes are focused on fun as they workout to different kinds of music in the many classes they offer in addition to pole dance. Although their most popular classes are the pole classes, which combine dance, gymnastics, strength and flexibility, you might find one of the other classes they offer interesting. They also offer pole conditioning, chair dance, belly dance and stretching, lower body and core toning. These classes are held 7 days a week and each class lasts 55 minutes. They also offer longer workshop sessions as well as private parties. What make their classes different from other aerobics classes are their approach to drop dress sizes and gaining a sense of confidence. Doesn’t this sound too good to be true?

So what are the pros and cons of the classes? Well, one thing someone can appreciate from the class structure is that classes are small and cap attendance at one student per pole, 20 on non-pole classes, so students get personal attention. While most students love this, with a small class, you cannot hide. So, this is something students can love and hate. In the pole dance classes, the main emphasis is on the upper body and core but they also address lower body toning in our Abs, Booty, Core class.

One of the challenges that Verticality Pole Fitness instructors face is putting together a class each week that pleases our customers. Their goal is to offer a class that is fun, challenging, and safe but this can be quite a balancing act and student input is a motivation. This is great because students have the opportunity to make the class their own and that increases individual motivation to achieve fitness goals.

Speaking of goals, Verticality Pole Fitness trainer, Christine who has been pole dancing for almost 6 years wants, to continue to grow by satisfying the needs of her current customers. Like many women, I struggled with finding a workout that I enjoyed and would continue long term. I was curious about pole dancing, but couldn’t find anyone who would try a class with me. Then, I broke a couch on my birthday. It was not a feel good moment. After that happened, I decided to be brave and try a class on my own. It was the most challenging – and fun – workout I had ever done, and I still love it today!” She says, “We have a points program that encourages referrals, and we also participate in trade shows. My goal is to outgrow the current location – we still have a way to go!”


Business Spotlight: H2 Entertainment Group

H2 Entertainment Group, established November 2009 by Jami Hightower in College Station, currently located in Austin, TX; primarily focuses on artist management & development, marketing, and event Coordination; servicing entertainers and small businesses who seek: 1 on 1 consultations, research, market analysis, business seed models and plans, brand development, artist representation, service liaising, licensing, and event coordination.

Graduating college during the collapse of the economy, Hightower was fortunate enough to create his own business in a career field that he loves, where he can help others find success and constantly surround himself with music. Beginning as a serial entrepreneur, he initially jumped into music services head first without doing any formal research, or having a business plan with any realistic goals.

Since starting his business Hightower and his company have grown exponentially and now H2 Entertainment Group offers free consultations to potential artists/clients to help them devise realistic goals first, and then they push their clients to delve into the depths of their imagination to achieve their dreams. They create innovative methods for their clients to maintain a competitive advantage, by using a variety of social networks, affiliate programs, publishers, diverse marketing strategies, and research as their number one weapon. Over the next 5 years, expect continued effectiveness and expansion from H2 Entertainment Group.

Their core values include loyalty, integrity, and selflessness. “People are no longer being defined by demographics, they’re becoming individual thinkers,” says Hightower, “investing time into research is [the] key to understanding consumer trends.”

Business Spotlight: Boss Life Cigars

Boss Life Cigars

Everyone wants to look like a BOSS!

The need to create a healthier lifestyle for themselves prompted Bruce Bray, his brother Bryan and wife Tamaya launch a company that would fill that need.The brothers were devoted pack-a-day cigarette smokers who wanted to quit. They tried the popular e-cigarettes which helped for a very short time, but they soon discovered were not enough. Their need for something more sparked them to develop Boss Life Cigars, a premium disposable e-Cigar that provides customers with the most genuine electronic cigar experience on the market. The San Antonio natives are no strangers to hard work or creating a business from the ground up; Bruce is an entrepreneur who has had success in several industries, Bryan created his success in the IT field, and Tamaya has made her mark in the medical field.

Boss Life Cigars will allow you to enjoy an easy to use cigar that contains no smoke, no ashes, has no flame, and leaves no odor! You can also partake in the “Boss Lifestyle” as you smoke anywhere. Rapper and entrepreneur Slim Thug has championed the “Boss Life” movement for a while now, so it was only right to include him in the project to help bring the product to prominence. If you haven’t seen him sporting the Boss Life Cigar already in his music videos and virtually everywhere else he is, you will soon. The elite lifestyle that once was exclusive only to big-time bosses is now available to everyone! Look and feel like a boss anywhere as you enjoy your disposable e-cigar that will remind you of your favorite 7″ Corona style cigar.

In the future, Bruce plans to acquire nationwide distribution in liquor stores, introduce new flavors, offer rechargeable e-cigars, and partner with different liquor brands. Right now the cigars are distributed in several stores in Houston, Atlanta, and South Carolina (Seattle coming soon). They are also very active in the community and plan to implement more community initiatives along the way. Right now they have teamed up with Houston native and Prairie View University Alum, DJ Supastar, and the Supastar Spin Academy; where a portion of every purchase of Boss Life Cigars provides scholarships to sponsor new students every month. Bruce and his team want to inspire and encourage everyone to create the products that they use. “The next generation should not look to work for or promote a company and/or product that they do not own. We should want to own things instead of endorse them. Don’t be scared to create something.”

You can find Boss Life Cigars at some of Houston’ hottest night life spots, including: Mosaic Lounge, Exclusive Taste, Go Hustler Smoke Shop, Dreams Houston (coming soon), Champps Americana (coming soon).


Order Boss Life Cigars HERE to receive 25% discount!

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Business Spotlight: 1st Ladies Bar – Mobile Bartending Service

1st Ladies Bar is a mobile bartending services that brings the bar to you. They can service your birthday party, bachelor and bachelorette parties, galas and balls, showcases, launch parties and more. Their services include seasonal signature drinks which serves as the basis of each package, and specialty treats like alcohol-soaked candies. They also offer a non-alcoholic menu for your non-alcoholic events.
In the future 1st Ladies Bar will to expand their brand to offering alcohol-infused smoothies and desserts. Also watch for Dope Decor, a service that uses recycled liquor bottles decorated with recycled magazines and newspapers to provide specialty packaging for their specialty treats.

This unique business was created by Lauren Reese and Kenya Hadnot, graduates of the Mays Business School at Texas A&M University. They were fond of the night life and were considered party animals. “We found a way to utilize our love for the night life and everything in it to make us a little side money.”

These ladies used their desire to turn their love for the night life into a lucrative business venture. Their entrepreneurial spirit has served them well so far, and they plan to continue to ride the wave of success. Although, they did not always know exactly how they would attain this success, and encountered numerous roadblocks on their journey. Kenya tells us, “College was a struggle, but trying to get around corporate America was the roadblock. Everyone tried to tell me that you have to have money to make money, but i was insistent on building my business.” Her passion to become an entrepreneur led her to dodge some lucrative opportunities in the corporate arena, and she is happy with her journey and excited for what is to come. Lauren on the other hand, went the corporate America route and soon realized that is was not where she needed to be. Now she is 100% sure she wants to become a serial entrepreneur. “They didn’t teach us entrepreneurship in school, passion led us in this direction. The knowledge has definitely helped us in building our business.” 1st Ladies Bar is definitely building and expanding rapidly. “We want to take over Houston. When you think of bartending services, think of 1st Ladies Bar” says Kenya.

When it is time for your next event, alcohol friendly or not, you now know who to go to. Or better yet, who will come to you!

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-Coyo Alexander

Business Spotlight: Monsta Inc. Kennels

“Breeding the finest bullies in Houston, TX”

Monsta Inc Kennels is owned by Houston native, Jerry, who currently resides in Pearland, TX, Jerry takes pride in the molding and creation of “his” art of”Breeding the finest bullies in Houston, TX”. His unique ambition to push with an undeniable work ethic brings some of the finest bullies we’ve seen, but Jerry constantly strives for better results.

Jerry started his first kennel in 2009. He bought his first home and adopted a mugleston bloodline male pit bull! Hip-hop was a great influence of his art and craft, as he overcame many of life’s obstacles. He encourages future generations to strive to achieve greatness, and remember: “The game is to be sold, not told.”


For more about Monsta Inc Kennels, visit: