Beast The Beat – Spotlight

Beast The Beat is a niche blog  that brings all the latest EDM music and news
to the general public with an Urban perspective. In the process of bridging gaps
with no naps, Beast The Beat covers EDM in a more general, urban fashion, with
no filter. Motivated by the music lovers who actually like EDM, Beast The Beat’s
coverage includes up and comming DJs and Artists within House, Trance, Trap,
Electro, and Deep House music.

Although the general public lacks knowledge of EDM music, Beast The Beat
educates and informs people of the many genres that make up EDM; breaking the
old school stereo-typical electro sound stigma. Inspired by Armin Van Buuren,
Oliver Heldens, Diplo, Skrillex; Beast The Beat blogs about all the cool stuff
that happened at festivals, raves, shows, and EDM random events! The reach and
support garnered since Beast The Beat’s founding in January, allows the blog to
be in multiple places at once.

Over the next 5 years, expect to see the name “Beast the Beat” in Houston,
Austin, and surrounding areas, as EDM bloggers are continually building
relationships with up and coming DJs, and plan to host multiple concerts,
private parties, and more EDM inspired events.

Beast The Beat will have a boat party that sets sail on Lake Travis in Austin,
TX, September 12th, 2015 at 5:00pm. The party will include 3-5 of some of the
hottest DJs in the Texas area, and tickets and more information will be
available on the site (

Advice for the youth:

“Dance like no one is watching…” – Beast the Beat


The People Party

Who are we? The People Party. We want to make a difference. We’re not too far off from some of our outstanding peers. As a team we have much to offer with several perspectives to aid our direction. We’ve decided to plan networking events that would bring more forward-thinking people together. As we prepared for our 1st annual event, “Work Hard, Play Harder”, we came together to discuss the details of our first endeavor. Words were thrown around, but being the group of people we are, there were many off-topic, deep, and enlightening conversations in between sessions. Specific words came up during these intermission periods that stood out dramatically. I wrote these down, looked them up, and later decided these terms were descriptive of the energies, spirits, and positivity we wanted to shoot into the world.

I researched “UBUNTU” and this term refers to the general sense of human kindness to the extent that they believe in the universal bond of sharing that connects humanity. This touches aspects of socialism as they aim to redistribute wealth.

“MBONGI” touches educational aspects as this term comes from an African village, translating from the Congolese language as “learning place”. Literally, mbongi is a circle of learning where people gather to learn how to effectively contribute to the community. Mbongi simultaneously acts as the name of an organization founded by Titus Sompa in 1988. He provided artistic and educational programs throughout the U.S. and abroad. Their vision is “to create ‘villages’ within communities so that people can come together and celebrate their gifts, (embrace) the joy of being connected to body, spirit, and each other.”

“EMPIRE BUILDING” has both a political science and a business definition. The first deals with acquiring resources, land, and influence over economies outside their own borders to expand in size, power, and wealth. The latter deals with individuals or small groups attempting to maximize job security and promotability by aiming to control key projects and initiatives.

Aside from the short-lived political party, the “Populists” who were also known as The People Party, we were unaware of any other similar names for a progressive group. We soon all learned of a community activist organization named The People’s Party II (the Houston chapter of the Black Panthers) who initially formed to address police brutality and corruption towards black and brown people. However, they later collaborated with The MAYO (Mexican community activists) and The John Brown Revolutionary League (White community activists) to bring about positive changes in their working class communities by supporting each other’s survival programs.

We, The People Party LLC, consist of a unique team driven to encourage and develop the artistic community, starting in the Greater Houston Area, through artist promotion, entrepreneur marketing, and networking events. As a representation of our generation, we focus on entertainment and education, penetrating industries by the degree and/ or experience. We are an alliance of family and close friends, with a variety of talents to offer and a similar dream to work toward. Believing we were chosen to help our people, we aspire to build businesses and leaders alike. Branching from our parent company, The People Party LLC, will be smaller businesses, managed and marketed by We, The People. We have plans to inspire the youth through open mics and entrepreneur fairs, bring together business and artistic minds, make black-owned businesses the place to be, and educate our people as we continue to educate ourselves. Once we get people to understand, become aware, and ready for change, we will build OUR wealth and bless our future generations in mind, body, and spirit.

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K-Kin Promotions

K-Kin is a celebrity party host & booking agent in Houston who promotes various concerts, parties & fundraisers. K-Kin has experienced with Top 40, EDM (House, Dubstep, Trap), Hip-Hop, R&B, & Raggae. K-Kin is also a representative for and Groove Cruise.

K-Kin is self-motivated, and enjoys R&B music. K-Kin is a Christian who looks up to Jesus as his role model. Some may not know, but K-Kin is a great rollerskater with a few other hidden talents. Over the next 5 years, K-Kin plans to be “5 steps ahead…”, so follow K-Kin’s journey; save the date for the “Monday Night Retreat” at Uptown Hookah on August 3rd, 2015 at 6:00 PM Central.

Advice for the youth:
“Educate yourself!” – K-Kin

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FreddyING in TEXAS! I Hope You’re “READY”!

IMG_2248FreddyING, or Freddy Inglewood,and is definitely on the rise to success and stardom and has been building a buzz in Houston with his new single “Ready”, now in rotation on numerous stations including Houston’s own 93.7 The Beat.  FreddyING is a proud native of California, and he always represents his home state. This is evident  even in his name, not just through his profound creation of musical art.  He has already started off right in this tough industry by keeping up with Houston’s rising talent. He’s opened up for the Sauce Twinz at my Alma Mater, Prairie View A&M University’s 2015 PV Choice Awards. He also made an appearance at Houston’s 2015 4/20 concert with Curren$y at the Infamous Warehouse Live. Recently, he is enjoying the buzz from his remix of “Ready”, featuring none other than the chosen one “DJ Chose” get ya a#$ on the flo’ (inside joke)! Along with already having been in attendance of the SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas for 3 years performing at showcases throughout the festivities and events, to having dope jamming Mixtapes “Local Tourist” LT1, LT2, & LT3 on the way!


FreddyING’s motivation lies within his family, especially his mother whom  he proclaims is his hero. Of course FreddyING has encountered some roadblocks and explains, “The same struggles any young black male goes through growing up in L.A.”. But with the influence of hip-hop, his true story, and originality he can’t help but to be unique. Now FreddyING isn’t just an artist, he also produces, mixes and masters his own music as well as others. Influenced by his love of video games he totally is addicted to “my opinion” still being a big kid at heart is what he calls it, and can’t forget about his HIGH motivation he engages in daily being that Cali laws Rock!


FreddyING advises everyone to stay focused, continue to stay Creative, Individual, and Be Revolutionary! While he, The “Freddy Inglewood” continues to spread his music and message All over the World. YA’LL AIN’T #READY!#SUPPORTTHEMOVEMENTS™


Relle, M.A.


IG: FreddyING

Facebook: freddyinglewood

Twitter: xfreddyingx


Bar Beauties – Special Event Bartenders

Everyone loves a beautiful smile along with a cool sizzling drink! oAnd don’t forget the R&B jams to create the ambiance. This is exactly what Tonya Thompson is offers with her Bar Beauties bar tending business. This mobile-bar, hookah,  and frozen drink rental is convenient for any high-class executive event, to old-fashioned house beauties

The best part about Bar Beauties is that it is located right here in Houston, Texas; Tonya Thompson has been building her business for more than one year, and with inspiration from Oprah, she gave up her job as a full-time attendant to use her innate niche for putting smiles on people’s faces. She’s creating classic mixed drinks with a twist, inviting everyone to enjoy  being pampered in their own atmosphere.

Everyone please support Houston’s own Bar Beauties and beautiful owner Tonya Thompson. You can also become one of these beautiful ladies by inquiring about Tonya Thompson’s available positions for licensed bartenders.

Now Who’s Talking About Mixing and Moving?!

Relle, MA


IG: @bar_beauties



Nanny’s Front Porch: Authentic Southern Home Style Meals (Video)

Nanny’s Front Porch is definitely the place to go if you are looking for “Authentic Southern Home Style Meals” in Sunnyside/South Park Houston, TX. Ms. Etta will treat you and feed you like you are a part of her family. Offering a menu that features everything from baked chicken, turkey wings, gumbo, and cornbread dressing, Ms. Etta has exactly what you need to treat your belly. She received her inspiration from her mother (the original Nanny) in Beaumont, TX where she grew up. She recalls her church members piling up on her mother’s front porch after church to get a place of her mother’s home-cooked food. She started catering first, and in June 2014 she decided to open her own restaurant to bring her delicious meals to the masses. So when you are on Houston’s South Side you NOW know where to go when you are craving home-cooked food: Nanny’s Front Porch is located at 13000 Cullen BLVD at Almeda Genoa in the Valero Gas station strip.


Nanny's Front Porch MENU
Nanny’s Front Porch MENU


Tavarus “Retro Hendrix” Durgin was born and raised in Mobile, AL. This Army Veteran currently resides in Houston, TX. After serving his country on a Combat Tour in Afghanistan, Taxfree Global was created. Retro Hendrix now handles marketing and promotions, and is also a Hip Hop Artist.

After a year long combat in Afganistan, Retro Hendrix and Co-Founder, Gai Taxfree decided that they did not want to work for anyone anymore; so they put everything they had into making good quality music. They now operate a Black Army Veteran Owned Business.

Retro Hendrix utilizes social media and word of mouth advertising to market the business. “We are in the age of Technology. I can sit in the comforts of my home and reach out to my clients all over the world,” says Hendrix.

After returning to society from the Army, adapting back to civilian life was one of the hardest things for Hendrix; who still deals with this today. “Its hard to get people to understand why you acting a certain way, says Hendrix “I’ve seen a lot of things the average human will never see in there lifetime.”

Hendrix loves the fact that he can get up and do what he wants to do, but getting people to believe in you and your brand can be one of the most challenging things in starting your own business. “Believe it or not, family members are the worst,” says Hendrix.

Over the coming months, Hendrix plans to continually grow the company and never look back. Over the next five years, Hendrix plans to employ 10 to fifteen individuals to help build the TaxFreeGlobal Brand. For someone looking to start their own business, Hendrix says, “Give it all you have and never look back; Never give up on what you believe in”

Catch Retro Hendrix each and every Friday at Avani Lounge, 5711 Hillcroft. For tickets: RSVP

Follow Retro Hendrix on:

#taxfreeglobal get use to it…..

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CSIMS Fitness – Business Spotlight

“The 5 closest people to you speak volumes about who you are”.  Cashawn Sims

It’s never the wrong time to get fit, and be healthy as an overall person, and that is exactly what CSIMS Fitness can do with you, through you, and for you. The spunky, eight pack bearing, totally hot in my opinion Cashawn Sims is one unique cookie. Possessing the passion, love, dedication, and encouragement anyone could need on a daily just to conquer everyday barriers and all through fitness, self-love, and selfless motivation.

This is not just any kind of fitness training, but that workout life that makes you excited to put on your tennis shoes and tights and head to the gym anytime. It’s demonstrated and taught by a Beautiful young woman known by the name of Cashawn Sims. She has been doing fitness since she can remember and also an ex-track athlete, making her capabilities just as suitable in this man driven fitness training profession. Of course everyone needs a good soundtrack at the gym and Cashawn Sims can’t help but love the relaxing R&B sounds of Jhene Aiko, and my girl crush Rihanna and right after jamming the selfie queen will snap a polaroid to capture the results and create everlasting memories she loves to save!!

CSIMS Fitness goals aren’t to just get your body fit but your overall mind, body, and spirit to be a better person inside as well as out with motivation, encouragement, and drive for others to succeed.

Future endeavors to look forward to from CSIMS Fitness would be the launch of a CSIMSFitness workout clothing line showcasing cool, fun, sexy, and edgy workout gear for both men and woman, and everyone wearing that exact workout gear to an established CSIMS Fitness training Gym in the next 5 years, the eye is on the prize for the radiant, kind, goofy, and very passionate Cashawn Sims and CSIMS Fitness.

It’s best to close this article with a quote very well stated by Cashawn Sims:

“You do not have to conform to what society thinks you should be. First learn to love yourself and you will attract people who value and respect you.”

I couldn’t agree more and adore Rihanna!! Check out CSIMS Fitness and Follow, Like, Tweet, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube to book your training session now!!

MA Relle

Instagram: Cookieeedough

Facebook: CSIMSFitness

Twitter: _SCookss




“Pole dance, Chair dance, Belly dance, and Stretching”

These days it seem like the new hangout spot is where you can go to watch pole dances. Females are visiting these establishments as “Ladies Nigh Out” events and they do not seem to be taboo locations for guys to take their female companion out for a drink. For those of you interested in taking the more applied approach to experiencing pole dance, the fine people at Verticality Pole Fitness are here to give you the information that you need. And don’t worry if you don’t have prior experience they offer small classes and a fun friendly exercise environment

Verticality Pole Fitness, which first opened its doors in June 2011, is located at 554 Waugh Drive in the River Oaks area of Houston Texas. Their classes are focused on fun as they workout to different kinds of music in the many classes they offer in addition to pole dance. Although their most popular classes are the pole classes, which combine dance, gymnastics, strength and flexibility, you might find one of the other classes they offer interesting. They also offer pole conditioning, chair dance, belly dance and stretching, lower body and core toning. These classes are held 7 days a week and each class lasts 55 minutes. They also offer longer workshop sessions as well as private parties. What make their classes different from other aerobics classes are their approach to drop dress sizes and gaining a sense of confidence. Doesn’t this sound too good to be true?

So what are the pros and cons of the classes? Well, one thing someone can appreciate from the class structure is that classes are small and cap attendance at one student per pole, 20 on non-pole classes, so students get personal attention. While most students love this, with a small class, you cannot hide. So, this is something students can love and hate. In the pole dance classes, the main emphasis is on the upper body and core but they also address lower body toning in our Abs, Booty, Core class.

One of the challenges that Verticality Pole Fitness instructors face is putting together a class each week that pleases our customers. Their goal is to offer a class that is fun, challenging, and safe but this can be quite a balancing act and student input is a motivation. This is great because students have the opportunity to make the class their own and that increases individual motivation to achieve fitness goals.

Speaking of goals, Verticality Pole Fitness trainer, Christine who has been pole dancing for almost 6 years wants, to continue to grow by satisfying the needs of her current customers. Like many women, I struggled with finding a workout that I enjoyed and would continue long term. I was curious about pole dancing, but couldn’t find anyone who would try a class with me. Then, I broke a couch on my birthday. It was not a feel good moment. After that happened, I decided to be brave and try a class on my own. It was the most challenging – and fun – workout I had ever done, and I still love it today!” She says, “We have a points program that encourages referrals, and we also participate in trade shows. My goal is to outgrow the current location – we still have a way to go!”