Abiola Wabara: Art Entrepreneur

34-year-old Parma, Italy-born and raised Abiola Wabara has had the pleasure of traveling around the world most of her life. Now settled in Houston, TX Abiola hopes to take her career to the next level through her artwork.

Her visual artwork includes creative painting mainly on oil medium. Her art ranges from conceptual, music, portraits, sports, and prints. Her art is full of beautiful and creative images that are intriguing. When she talks about her style she tells us, “My art is what I see beautiful in my heritage and a celebration of the beauty of the African woman. My style is eclectic & colorful. The eyes of my subject are usually the focal point of the piece. With each piece, I hope to convey a story to the audience, create a subject anyone can see a part of themselves in.”

My art is what I see beautiful in my heritage and a celebration of the beauty of the African woman.

Abiola had a unique childhood growing up in Italy that she admits was not the most pleasant. She used drawing and basketball as an outlet and turned out to be known as a tough and aggressive player. She talks about her experience growing up in Italy, “Growing up in Italy was not exactly an easy thing. As a child of African parents, I was always reminded that I was different, the odd one out. Italy is a beautiful country but far from culturally diverse. Being at home but not feeling home was not a good feeling. Basketball was a good escape from everyday life. ” She was happy to attend college at Baylor University where she finally felt like she was at home. “Attending Baylor and being part of a team where they were others that looked like me, and the only thing “different” about me was my accent was what allowed me to find myself and finally feel like I belonged.”

Being home but not feeling at home was not a good feeling.

Abiola was an outstanding basketball player and found her talents taking her to play professionally in Europe. There, she dominated as an aggressive player but wanted to change her image and show her softer side. She used her free time to develop her talents and attended art workshops until she found herself attending art shows and eventually selling her work. Now she has plans to become the ‘ultimate entrepreneur with her own gallery in the future. Right now she keeps herself busy with events, art&sip, cookies&paint, and clothing line Closets Gallery (art you can wear). She offers a wide variety of artwork available on her website and attends art shows throughout Houston. Now, Abiola is making her mark in Houston and gaining a lot of popularity with her beautiful artwork.

The feeling that creating brings me is the thing I love the most.”

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Free Expressionz Artwork & Design

FYI Houston caught up with Biana ‘Binky’ Lister, owner of Free Expressionz Artwork & Design to see what new things they have been up to. Not suprisingly, the company continues to experience growth. The company is currently preparing to launch their Create or Die Grant Foundation and also a mentor foundation to create opportunities for college students. Let me remind you that all of these things are happening while Binky attends graduate school in  pursuit of a Master’s Degree in Architecture. The grind doesn’t stop! Binky tells us more in our follow up interview. Continue reading “Free Expressionz Artwork & Design”

The 9th Annual OG Ron C Texas Music Conference

Skyy-Lyfe Entertainment Publicity Firm is proud to announce this year’s 9Th Annual OG Ron C R.E.A.L Texas Music Conference will be returning to its original birthplace the legendary city of Houston, Texas. This highly anticipated gala will take place December 2-6, 2015 at the most premier venues throughout the city. Houston’s world renowned media center “House of Dereon” will headquarter a series of synchronized specialized carpeted charity events that are geared to motivate today’s upcoming musicians and other brand upstarts within the music industry while giving back to the less fortunate individuals that make us all relevant.

Entertainment industry tastemaker’s attendees range from local, regional, and national levels often times high profile celebrity personalities, professional sports athletes, political officials, as well as a steady stream of urban music moguls who share knowledge of their individual experience.The event is geared to be a continuous flagship that brings together a diverse group of experts, practitioners, and personalities that span the spectrum of the music industry. Within a professionally controlled setting, qualified individuals with distinction, network encouraging creative solutions for the challenges facing breaking into and maintaining a stable career in today’s entertainment monopoly. With the element of live performances for today’s local and national performers, this weekend has become a new trend with every continuing year.

Festivities to be included over the 5 day benevolence weekend include a celebrity benefit basketball game, a 2-day urban music conference, Hip-Hop benefit concert, various VIP meet and greet, Pop-up Shops, after parties hosted by special guest celebrities and Woman’s Empowerment Dinner & Winter Fashion Expo. The profits gained will be distributed across several non-profit charity organizations prior to Christmas day.

For nearly a decade, Skyy-Lyfe Entertainment Publicity and Strategic Marketing Firm has produced a Texas staple with the longest lasting music conference and Christmas Charity Affair in Texas, “The OG RON C R.E.A.L TEXAS MUSIC CONFERENCE”. This year, CEO, Founder, of Skyy-Lyfe Entertainment Seketha “Skyy” Wonzer, commonly referred to as “Texas Top Publicist,” and since has been deemed as “The Secretary of State,” is introducing a brand new series of Christmas Charity Events that will erect a stronger bridge between the entertainment industry entrepreneurs and moguls.






















As your source from the underground, FYI Houston would like to announce our Artist of the Week campaign. Artist of the Week is just one way FYI is committed to providing exposure to the underground talent across the United States. Submissions for Artist of the Week must be sent to contact@fyihouston.info. ALL SUBMISSIONS MUST INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING: Artist biography (or short summary about the artist), photo of the artist, photos artwork, and links to all current websites for the artist.

“The world sees my radical, philosophic ideas from my eyes through my photography.” –Bianca Lister, Photographer & Artist

When you think of great talent, most people don’t usually think of a photographer or an artist. Well, Bianca “Binky” Lister is determined to change this perception with the help of her revolutionary artwork. Ever since she could hold a pencil, Lister has been drawing, and the gifted Houstonian has not stopped drawing since. So if you need some original and exclusive artwork that cannot be imitated, you need Bianca.

Bianca uses her Nikon 3100 to take radical and uncensored photos of any and everything. It began as hobby, but when people viewed her photo albums, they were astonished and offered her money to photograph their events and parties. She has been immersed with the craft of photography ever since. She overcame her biggest struggle as a photographer when she purchased the Nikon 3100, her first professional DSLR camera, and it has been a challenging adventure since. Her ultimate goal is for people to see the truth; but through her eyes because she does not see the world as everyone else does. “The world sees my radical, philosophic ideas from my eyes though my photography.” The things that go on in the world lead her to anger, and her anger leads her to action. “You need to tell the truth”

Explains Lister. That is exactly what she expresses in her photos.

Bianca does not have to search long for inspiration; anybody and anything can be her muse. She takes from the world abundant motivation no matter the object. In the next five years, Bianca envisions herself owning an art gallery and also venturing into videography. Her only desire for her art and photography career is to be remembered for making a difference.

-Tinka Bell Israel

ISH by Amelia Marie

Here I sit again, twirling my hair around my fingers. And it’s not like I would expect you to notice a dead ringer. But my stomach hurts, and my eyes, swollen and shifty. Lookin like I’m god-damn fifty. Wish I was thrifty. I wish I had a hand the size of you. Smack you in the back of that ego Bet I could Enlighten you. Now go ahead and slide yo plate through the window. Feed me your shrooms like the man on your nintendo. Would you be this cruel if I were a gold fish? Probably not, but it’s okay. Without you I wouldn’t be mad, wouldn’t know how to play. Without my madness, where would I be? Where am I at if I Can’t even feel the hatred you shove inside of me? Okay? But trust me. I have no worries about your future. Like I said before, you aint gonna have no one tryina be a intruder Let’s do our shake and get it over with. I gotta go find out if sleep is really just a myth. One last thing before you go: Make sure there’s no fruity hearts on my tombstone.

Amelia Marie


“Triple Threat” by Rhonda Williams

When you hear the phrase triple threat most may refer to someone who excels in three skills of a particular category. In this article I will use triple threat as a representation of stress, worry and anxiety. Stress is the way the mind and body respond to a given challenge. Anxiety is inner turmoil that causes uneasiness and fear. Worry is disturbing thoughts that cause doubt, fear and torment of oneself. Most do not realize how dangerous the three can be on your overall mental, physical and emotional health. If you examine the three all coincide; so more often than not one may experience all three.

We all have stressors that we are challenged with daily. Some we release effortlessly and some we allow to manifest in your mind and body. When stress is hoarded, it begins to fester and cause negative energy in the body. Negative energy causes worry, anxiety, sickness mood swings, relationship issues, comprehension, low sex drive etc. Learning to release stress, worry and anxiety regularly can prevent stored negative energy and allow positive energy to flow easily throughout the body. There are five action tips that I encourage to try in order to release triple threat.

  1. Avoidance: Avoiding the cause of your stress. Not identifying the root of the problem can cause more stress and eventually irritability and agitation. Avoidance will not make the problem go away nor will it help in anyway.
  2. Exercise: Exercising regularly is a great way to release negative energy. Releasing hot air through your mouth and replacing it with fresh air through your nose increases energy and clears pathways. Sweating out toxins allows more room for positive energy.
  3. Healthy Eating: Choose foods regularly that promote healthy living. Fat, sugar and sodium takes longer to digest and if your body is at a high level of stress can slow down your metabolism; especially if you do not workout regularly. Stress can also increase or decrease your appetite which can cause weight gain or loss.
  4. Talking Outlet: Choose someone or group that you can share your thoughts and stressors to. Talking to someone else can give you a different perspective on the situation, solutions, advice and previous experiences with similar content. Talking is a great way to reduce stress.
  5. Connectivity: Staying connected to your higher power and spirituality is so important when avoiding and releasing stress, worry and anxiety. Giving your higher power the burden of stressors allows you to focus on the things that are positive in your life.

Staying connected with the fruit of the spirit will not allow negative energy to occupy space in the body for a prolonged period of time.


Rhonda Williams


Do You Have an Artist/Manager Agreement?

An agreement between a artist and a manager for management services, will help both parties understand their responsibilities; and also can stands as the final voice in the face of controversial occasions.

Most agreements outline scope of representation, terms of authority, rights and compensation, and other important clauses.

For this issue, I have dissected a standard Artist Management Agreement from the SEC.gov’s website, If you’re just starting your journey, or have been on your journey with out one of these; I hope this give you a jump start towards progression.

Exhibit 4. (b)(ii).1  Artist Management Agreement

  • DATE
    • ARTIST
    • ARTIST
  • TERM

Many artist operate without an agreement with their manager; Most of the time, their manager is a close friend or family member. I see it all the time; new artist/group makes a song, starts building a buzz, “manager” is asked/or asks to comes in to help out, and as soon as the money starts rolling, issues arise!

This may, or may not, be due to the lack of an agreement, but most certainly will help resolve issues if, or when, they arrive.

This agreement defines the most important responsibilities of both artist and manager; the exact services of the manager and expectations of the artist; the manager’s rights and authorities in regards to revenue generating opportunities; the term, or length, of the agreement, compensation in percentages of revenues, or profits; manager accounting responsibilities, who will cover expenses, who will sign for loans, how to termination the agreement, and more.

Check out the references for template agreements to benchmark. Edit and seek legal counseling:
Exhibit 4. (b)(ii).1  Artist Management Agreement – SEC.gov
Artist Management Contract – Docracy.com