Business Spotlight: JGibson42_Art

What do you call an artist who is set on ultimate creation, strives to inspire greatness and pride within anyone who sees their work, as they promote a great love for people of the African Diaspora? You’d call it John Gibson IV, of course. Naming his art business after his government name and his inductee number into the Pi Omicron Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha, JGibson142_Art is a new venture destined to create across a number of mediums!

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Art by Peso

“What we create is a visual expression of our purpose,” says Peso. “No matter what my story is, it’s mine, and I choose to share bits of who I am in pieces of my art.” Regardless of the message his pieces send, he want you to think about it. Even if it’s just that split second or how ever long you ponder at his pieces, his message has already entered your mind. Peso’s place in life is to is to inspire those who just need someone to believe in them, especially when no one else will. Peso plans to change this world for the better. Continue reading “Art by Peso”

Houston Artist – Jacobe Pace

When Jacobe Pace is not working in the Houston oil and gas industry, he is busy working on his custom artwork and illustrations. With ambitions of “growing and branding” his name, Jacobe has been working on perfecting his craft from a young age.

When FYI asked Jacobe his advice for the future generations he stated “never give into the negative that comes into your life.” With his positive energy Jacobe continues creating and building his future.

Follow Jacobe Pace on Instagram @JP_Designs15

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1st Ladies Bar features new signature cocktails for fall at the upcoming Belles & Beaus Gala

1st Ladies Bar is an all-female mobile bar service that specializes in upscale events and signature drinks. What better way to combine specializations than throwing a fall ball and charity event to introduce their fall line of Signature Drinks?
The Inaugural Belles and Beaus Gala will take place at the Houstonian Hotel, on November 12th. On this glistening Saturday evening, attendees will get to experience the Harlem Renaissance in Houston: the Roaring 1920’s in 2016.
Belles & Beaus Gala
The theme allows for women to pull out their formal gowns, Tina Turner feathers, and Josephine Baker costumes. Men can keep warm in trench coats, as they carry brief cases, cigarettes, and cigars as accessories. The House of Chargois is one of the sponsors for this lovely event, offering many styles of elegance for men and women alike. People can even rent an outfit!
A percentage of proceeds will be donated to the YWCA Houston, dedicated to eliminating racism and empowering women. This charity was special to 1st Ladies Bar as they are owned by two black women who attended a predominantly white university. Their mission is for women to empower one another, and to collaborate rather than compete.
There will be live music, giveaways, fashion, and glamour as Houston’s Elite and Social Groups meet up for a formal dinner and dance in an elegant ballroom. This will be a fantastic night for networking and cutting a rug.
Tickets are $75 for individuals and $125 for couples. A small dinner plate comes with all ticket sales and there will be cash bars to taste each of the fall line of signature drinks created by 1st Ladies Bar. This event is the first of many to come and will also act as a precursor to a major move which 1st Ladies Bar will be announcing this upcoming year.

Brandon Howell is the best Houston artist that’s not from Houston

“I’m going to work enough that you will be forced to see my art.” -Brandon Howell

pimpcBrandon Howell is an extremely talented artist who is quickly making a strong name for himself on the Houston art scene. Originally from Georgia, the artist visited Houston for the first time and loved the city so much that he decided to make it his home. He has been working as an art teacher in Houston for the past 2 years. He made it his mission to work hard at his craft and make a living doing what he loves, creating art. Brandon paints lots of portraits and people’s pets and he mainly works with spray paints and acrylics. He has created a nice buzz for himself by painting portraits of Houston entertainers like the late great Pimp C, Slim Thug, and Paul Wall to name a few.

bartsimpsonThe 27 year old artist comes from a single parent home, and hopes to use his skills to make a name for himself and make his mother proud. FYI Houston asked Brandon about his 5 year goals and he responded, “I just want to continue to paint and continue to grow as an artist, and as a human being.”

Howell has this advice for young artists and anyone who needs motivation to pursue their dreams: “I would say to young artists…don’t let people tell you what you can and can’t do. I never went to college, I never went to art school, but I make a living painting because i never stopped. Ive been teaching art classes at a studio for 2 years now with 0 art school myself. All this life takes is effort and work. And remember to paint what makes you happy. It may take years, but people will respect and love you for doing great pieces that YOU wanted to paint.”

jimmyhendrixAt the pace Howell is operating, it is no wonder how he has become such a sensation in the art community here. His paintings are very detailed and make a bold statement to its admirers. You should definitely adorn the walls of your home or office with a piece of Brandon Howell’s original artwork.marilynmonroe

Find Brandon Howell on IG @brand0nh0well      or on his website


Abs0rptions Art: Never do what they tell you.

Lauren Grein

Abs0rptions artwork by Lo Rein is based in Houston, Texas and features unique digital art, painting, drawing, photography, and poetry. The designer features art that is abstract and up for interpretation. Lo started her art journey as a young child, but began to take things seriously when one of her art instructors helped her to recognize her potential. She thrives on emotional expression, and her art is evidence.

Lo is a gifted artist who has had the ability to meet likeminded souls, artistic beings whom have helped her to express herself with or without words.

Lo has experienced many struggles in her life, mainly of the emotional nature. She has dealt with mental health issues for much of her life, but is proud to have overcome her roadblocks.

Now the young artist is focused on her artistry and plans to perfect her skills and gain new ones with hopes to venture into film and become one of the biggest film makers from Houston. She also has plans to open her own gallery and beauty studio.


img_0181For more art from Lo, visit:
visit the website HERE
SC: Idcrahrah

Art & Visuals: Deeper Than You See


Pablo of Art&Visuals
 Pablo of Art&Visuals

Pablo Picasso once said that some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot; others transform a yellow spot into the sun. His namesake Pablo Recinos definitely belongs to the latter group.

Personality is everything in art. His personality was born in sunny Chiquimila, Guatemala and then brought to Houston, TX in 2005 where he was raised since 12 years old. At the young age of 22 he’s living the life he has always dreamed of; he’s got his own brand ART&VISUALS which gives him a chance to express himself.

He’s always been an artist; his career has been his life. He didn’t choose the artist life, the artist life chose him. He’s eagerly involved in filmmaking, photography, and art so no wonder his encouragers were Walt Disney, Salvador Dali and of course his famous namesake Pablo Picasso.

Original hand-painted clothing by Art&Visuals
Original hand-painted clothing by Art&Visuals

He says: “It’s still a lifestyle more than a job, but it still is my job, don’t get me wrong. I feel like with art I can touch many people’s minds, hearts, and souls to help them smile or feel something they’ve never felt before. I know I can’t change the world, but I can help to do it and that’s where my art comes in”.

Body Painting by Art & Visuals
Body Painting by Art & Visuals

Like many famous artists, he’s had his bed of nails too. He’s never seen his father as he’d died before he was two. He was kicked out of his parents’ house just after a high school to live in the car for some time. But his belief in himself has always been ironclad: “Every day is a roadblock. From non-believers to not having money, to friends assuming you’re trying to do them wrong, to haters, etc! Many things and people have tried to bring me down, but God lifts me up”.

Francoise Sagan was sure that “Art must take reality by surprise”. And that’s what all his creative works are about. No matter what he’s up to now: whether he’s an artist, a photographer or a videographer. Whether he’s painting, shooting, directing and editing videos or social events. Anything that involves art will have his one-of-a-kind impact that’s uniquely his own.

Original hand-painted clothing by Art&Visuals
Original hand-painted clothing by Art&Visuals

His style is sketchy and full of subliminal messages which he mainly paints subconsciously. He isn’t scared to be imperfect as that’s the way we are. He confesses that “There’s always a deeper meaning to everything and that’s also what I try to paint in my art for my audience to understand.”

Paint on canvas by Art&Visuals
Paint on canvas by Art&Visuals

His mission is inspiring others, opening new horizons they could only wonder about. “Creating a platform and opening new paths to others to find themselves in is something I’ve done that I love”. He’s creating deep inside from his heart, mind, and soul, no wonder his fans are so attached to him. He’s putting himself in other’s shoes to plunge into emotions and it gratefully gives him the strongest outcome ever.


Art&Visuals favorites: Graffiti
Art&Visuals favorites: Graffiti

He dreams of his art being appreciated and understood. He’s phenomenally modest: he feels like a messenger and is sure that it’s his art that’s going to stay, not him. He aims at helping his friends and hopes to “just grind till I don’t have to anymore”.

His advice to the next generation behind him is focusing on their craft and in themselves to achieve the ultimate being. They’d better support their true friends and play their part. He’s sure they have to believe in themselves the most they can because this game gets real and many will try to bring them down. So they have to preserve and never look back.

Body paint art by Art&Visuals
Body paint art by Art&Visuals

As for Pablo Recinos himself, his life goal can’t be better expressed than by words of Gustave Courbet: “I hope to live all my life for my art, without abandoning my principles one iota”. And that’s what a life of a real artist is all about.Pablo of Art&Visuals

You can follow Pablo Recinos artworks at:
IG: @artandvisuals
Twitter: @artandvisuals