Cadillacs in Space

The young talented sing and performer Robyn Troup has been on the rise to stardom since she began singing in her Grandfather’s church as a young girl. Born and raised in Third Ward, Houston, TX—so you know she’s real, Robyn grew up singing in front of her church family at Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church and in the Ensemble Theater, and realized her destiny as an entertainer ever since she saw her first movie on the big screen saying, “I just always wanted to be up on that screen.”

During her school years Robyn continued to sing and develop her voice but she really came into her own while attending Jack Yates high school where she decided to step out of her shell and be herself. She recalls “I always used to be extremely shy back in the day when it came to performing in front of people. I knew I wanted to do it, but growing up as the preacher’s grandkid everyone was expecting me to be so much more polite and sweet and unassuming. That really led to a lot of depression and self-loathing throughout my school years. But in high school I overcame that fear by facing it directly. I just started singing to anyone at anytime for any reason.”During high school Robyn joined several girl groups and worked on her own music, growing her confidence each time. Her defining moment came when she went to college at USC and decided to take her dream seriously.

While in Los Angeles Robyn singed with Emblem Music Group under the Warner Bros. label. During that time she joined a rock band called Beverly Kills, wrote a ton of hot rock songs, and toured Los Angeles and San Diego. She also worked on Carlos Santana’s cover of Back in Black with rapper Nas, and Rob Thomas on his album Diamonds. After three successful years with Emblem they parted ways and she started work on her solo project Robyn the Bank. As her solo project evolved, her good friend and fellow singer/songwriter Shy Carter invited Robyn into the studio to collaborate on a track with him and ‘Backwoods’ rapper, Aleon Craft. The rest is history. Robyn tells us, “After the song was finished we realized we had something special and formed this new bomb group called ‘Cadillacs in Space’.” After joining forces they quickly signed with Interscope Records and are getting set to release their music in the coming months (check out their latest music HERE).

Now that Robyn has found her home, she continues to focus on creating timeless music, touring the world, and is also very passionate about infiltrating the fashion scene. Check out her fashion blog Robyn loves to connect with her fans and makes herself available to them through her numerous social networks and blogs. Judging by ‘Cadillacs in Space’ latest song Overdose, we can surely expect nothing less than greatness from Robyn. She definitely makes Houston proud.

-Coyo Alexander

Cadillacs in Space – Overdose

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