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DTR Events

Have you heard about DTR Events? Did you know that they were an event design firm located in Houston, TX? Did you know that they have been providing event planning and designing for social and corporate events since September 2012?
We had the opportunity to interview Sandra Aderibigbe, Founder, Lead Event Designer/Producer, and Certified Wedding/Event Planner for DTR Events, who gave us more insight into the company.


Sandra liked the challenge of starting something from nothing, and shared with us what she found to be the most difficult part in starting her own business, as well as the most enjoyable part about having her own business. “The most difficult part is waiting patiently for the clientele you are trying to reach to come to you. Sometimes we want experience so bad that we take on clients that do not fit us, or negotiate prices too low, (which) can end up  hurting your reputation more than helping it.” Sandra enjoys having full control of the creative direction, as well as the business’ look and identity!


Sandra Aderibigbe, Owner, DTR Events
Sandra Aderibigbe, Owner, DTR Events

Utilizing an effective marketing strategy to target specific audiences, DTR Events has established themselves as a source where people can go for event ideas, and the latest trends in the event planning industry.  Sandra personally sits downs with her clients, and works with them closely to ensure that each event is perfect for the client. She aims to do things that have never been done, with the goal of having each client’s event become the “Talk of the Town!” Ideally, as her company grows, she will continue to work with large teams and young gifted individuals in creating amazing events, indirectly rebuilding the economy!

With social responsibility being a major concern in america, we asked Sandra if her business participated in any community service projects. Sandra answered saying, “Community Service is very dear to (her) heart.” She volunteers anytime she has the opportunity. Every year DTR Events hosts a charity fashion show to raise money for children affected by the Aids virus and just recently had a clothing drive on June 30th for Mia’s Closet! Over the next 5 years, Sandra looks to not only provide event consulting, but also provide event furniture, event decorations, lighting and flowers!

For more information about DTR Events:
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