Business Spotlight: Medieval Beatz


                Medieval Beatz officially became a business in 2006 when YE, CEO, figured he could save the entertainment industry with his creative beats and exclusive production skills. His older brother recognized his great talent for music and later decided to join forces with YE in 2009. Now, Medieval Beatz has many employees and business partners including John Allen of Team Too Freaky (TTF) Currently, Medieval Productions is located all over the state of Texas, but will be relocating its main office to New York this year.

                medievalbeatzYEThe entrepreneur has had his own business since he was 12 years old. Whether it was cutting grass, selling Pokemon cards, or putting up Christmas lights, he has always loved and enjoyed his independence. He knows he has the work ethic and foundation he needs to be successful. “My passion for music originally inspired me to create Medieval Beatz and take my talent for beat making to another level.” His biggest struggle is perseverance, but everyday he learns patience. In the next five years, YE plans to feature 50+ major artists or land a major record deal with Jive or Sony.

                Right now, Medieval Beatz is using all social networks including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn,, and Google to promote his beats. “I will say that from past experience and twitter have been the most powerful tools for reaching out to our fan base.” YE guarantees quality instrumentals for everyone of all different ages. He believes providing music to the world has always been his calling and it allows him to touch souls of countless people.

“Please feel free to stop by and explore the site.” -YE

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