Business Spotlight: Mastamind Muzik


Deep in the heart of Austin, Texas lies a progressive and talented music mastermind, aptly named Chad “Mastamind” Green. Here the Independent/Freelance Executive Music Producer works to create timeless music and guides artists and organizations in translating their vision for their sound and brand into great music. So if you are looking to work with a professional who knows how to mold sound the way you want, look no further than In this great city, Mr. Green has established his niche in Austin’s eclectic music market and is looking to ascend his company to the next level by helping artists extend beyond simply making music. works with artists to create a recognizable and reputable brand in the music industry.

Established in 2009, Chad tells us that music production and business have always been his passion. He decided to realize his dreams by embarking on a new journey as an entrepreneur, and has never looked back. He enjoys the freedom of entrepreneurship, and loves the mobility to work with different types of artists. When you work with Chad Green, don’t expect to anything less than the best. He places his own personal stamp on his music and has a standard of guaranteed elation with the finished product. He takes pride in the alternative approach he takes to production; “Instead of just making and selling beats I try to aid the artist with branding strategies and help them come up with material that matches what they and their team have set for their vision. I coach them from the point of pre-recording to project release. It is my job to make sure that the artist has a great album that matches their vision of themselves.” Chad likes to immerse himself in the artists’ world and become “one” with them, so that he can clearly visualize their aspirations for their project, and cultivate the sound to bring a truly unique project to the fans.

Chad has been making major moves since first opened for business. He is fervently growing his team and expanding his company. Nevertheless, he makes sure to create time to serve his community. Currently he is working on producing music for a documentary headed by the St. Joseph House in Houston, which is designed to create a restorative environment for mentally ill individuals. These are just some of the things that Chad has done so far; he plans to make an even larger footprint in the future. He wants to continue to nurture his own skills to provide better services to his clients as well as attract more professional clientele, open more studios (he is currently working on constructing a studio in Houston), and help to do his part to change the landscape of the music industry by providing high quality music with high quality content. If you are looking to create that type of music, Chad Green at is definitely the way to go.

-Coyo Alexander

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