Business Spotlight: INFUSE CLOTHING

“If they won’t hire you, hire yourself.”
Calvin, Owner of Infuse Clothing


Calvin, the owner of Infuse clothing, is not all about making money, but giving back to his community. Whether it is providing food to needy families, sharing his great ideas, or selling attire to make people look good, he is always lending a hand. He came from a family of entrepreneurs, but did not decide he wanted to open his own business until his 18th birthday. He was unable to find a job and one Sunday he went to church and his pastor said, “If they won’t hire you, hire yourself.” Taking the advice to heart, the successful business owner knows he has found his passion and knows what he was put here to do.

Infuse Clothing pic 2 Dream Chasers sleeve
Men’s ‘Dream Chasers’ Raglan

  Infuse Clothing was established on April, 12, 2012 and is based in Houston, Texas. The initial name was “Calvin Society,” but he realized the name didn’t reflect him at all so he came up with Infuse Clothing. Infuse means “Inspire.” Their slogan is “Aspire and Inspire.” Currently, he is working on constructing a boutique to showcase and sell his merchandise. You can purchase clothing on their full-service website The company primarily sells clothing, but you can also purchase snapbacks and other accessories for teens and young adults.

Infuse Clothing Co.
Men’s Tiger Head Tee

In the next few years, Calvin envisions Infuse Clothing as recognized brand all over the Houston area. He also plans to host fashion and talent shows to expose young talent. Ultimately, Calvin plans to open up multiple stores and warehouses that will provide jobs in this economy. “We are very engaged with our customers and supporters through social media and we are constantly giving out free prizes, coupons, shirts, etc. on our social media sites.” In spite of his ongoing struggle of trying to overcome his own insecurities of what others think of him and his business, he continues to live his dream and passion. The thing that motivates Calvin is the financial possibilities, meeting new people, and inspiring them to dream big and do what inspires them.

-Tinka Bell Israel

Infuse Clothing Co.
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Infuse Clothing Co.
Women’s ‘Dream Chasers’ Raglan



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