Business Spotlight: Halena Designs

Halena Designs

Halena designs is a small boutique featuring custom and traditional pieces highlighting Eritrean culture. The company was established by Halena, who is a native of Eritrea and currently living in Detroit. “Jewelry is an easy, functional and beautiful way to incorporate culture into everyday wear.” she tells us.

Halena has two focuses with her company: to make beautiful jewelry that women can enjoy for any occasion as well as introduce customers to the unique and rich Eritrean culture. “I love the fact that something I create can bridge the cultural gap for Eritreans living in diaspora. It also brings awareness to Eritrea and its rich culture, as well as making it easily accessible to all who admire it.”

You can purchase this beautiful jewelry on their website and it will be delivered to you (almost) anywhere you are in the world.

-Coyo Alexander

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