Business Spotlight: H2 Entertainment Group

H2 Entertainment Group, established November 2009 by Jami Hightower in College Station, currently located in Austin, TX; primarily focuses on artist management & development, marketing, and event Coordination; servicing entertainers and small businesses who seek: 1 on 1 consultations, research, market analysis, business seed models and plans, brand development, artist representation, service liaising, licensing, and event coordination.

Graduating college during the collapse of the economy, Hightower was fortunate enough to create his own business in a career field that he loves, where he can help others find success and constantly surround himself with music. Beginning as a serial entrepreneur, he initially jumped into music services head first without doing any formal research, or having a business plan with any realistic goals.

Since starting his business Hightower and his company have grown exponentially and now H2 Entertainment Group offers free consultations to potential artists/clients to help them devise realistic goals first, and then they push their clients to delve into the depths of their imagination to achieve their dreams. They create innovative methods for their clients to maintain a competitive advantage, by using a variety of social networks, affiliate programs, publishers, diverse marketing strategies, and research as their number one weapon. Over the next 5 years, expect continued effectiveness and expansion from H2 Entertainment Group.

Their core values include loyalty, integrity, and selflessness. “People are no longer being defined by demographics, they’re becoming individual thinkers,” says Hightower, “investing time into research is [the] key to understanding consumer trends.”

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