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Boss Life Cigars

Everyone wants to look like a BOSS!

The need to create a healthier lifestyle for themselves prompted Bruce Bray, his brother Bryan and wife Tamaya launch a company that would fill that need.The brothers were devoted pack-a-day cigarette smokers who wanted to quit. They tried the popular e-cigarettes which helped for a very short time, but they soon discovered were not enough. Their need for something more sparked them to develop Boss Life Cigars, a premium disposable e-Cigar that provides customers with the most genuine electronic cigar experience on the market. The San Antonio natives are no strangers to hard work or creating a business from the ground up; Bruce is an entrepreneur who has had success in several industries, Bryan created his success in the IT field, and Tamaya has made her mark in the medical field.

Boss Life Cigars will allow you to enjoy an easy to use cigar that contains no smoke, no ashes, has no flame, and leaves no odor! You can also partake in the “Boss Lifestyle” as you smoke anywhere. Rapper and entrepreneur Slim Thug has championed the “Boss Life” movement for a while now, so it was only right to include him in the project to help bring the product to prominence. If you haven’t seen him sporting the Boss Life Cigar already in his music videos and virtually everywhere else he is, you will soon. The elite lifestyle that once was exclusive only to big-time bosses is now available to everyone! Look and feel like a boss anywhere as you enjoy your disposable e-cigar that will remind you of your favorite 7″ Corona style cigar.

In the future, Bruce plans to acquire nationwide distribution in liquor stores, introduce new flavors, offer rechargeable e-cigars, and partner with different liquor brands. Right now the cigars are distributed in several stores in Houston, Atlanta, and South Carolina (Seattle coming soon). They are also very active in the community and plan to implement more community initiatives along the way. Right now they have teamed up with Houston native and Prairie View University Alum, DJ Supastar, and the Supastar Spin Academy; where a portion of every purchase of Boss Life Cigars provides scholarships to sponsor new students every month. Bruce and his team want to inspire and encourage everyone to create the products that they use. “The next generation should not look to work for or promote a company and/or product that they do not own. We should want to own things instead of endorse them. Don’t be scared to create something.”

You can find Boss Life Cigars at some of Houston’ hottest night life spots, including: Mosaic Lounge, Exclusive Taste, Go Hustler Smoke Shop, Dreams Houston (coming soon), Champps Americana (coming soon).


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