Business Spotlight:, Dominic DaBonus

19Apr - by fyihouston - 0 - 148 Views - In Business (A1HH) is the official go-to music media site for all things underground and mainstream. Want to broaden your audience? Connect with Dominic DaBonus and his team over at A1HH and they will definitely put you in the mix.

Dominic established the site in 2009 along with his business partner, with visions of creating a hub where all of Houston’s music could be showcased and appreciated. With Dominic being an artist at heart, he has a special affection for those following their dreams and grinding to get their music heard. He tells us, “I do it for artists that want to be heard with a spin for the exclusive. “ The team at A1HH pride themselves on their ‘gumbo pot’ method of showcasing music, expressing that the most unique aspect of their business is “That there are no politics. We have everything. We can go from the [darkest] underground artist to the most popping red carpet celebrity. We have been doing that from the start. Most sites can’t do that. People on [our] team are artists at heart so they see their work as art. Not like your average blogger or reporter.”

The site was originally known as, and catered to the ‘hipster’ or ‘constant rapper’. Once the new slang ‘A1’ gained popularity in Houston, Dominic changed the website’s name to fit. The idea was ingenious he claims, because the term can so easily be applied to music. The term ‘A1’ means “official”, so when the music is of great quality, it’s considered “A1”. This also allowed the site to broaden its base and expand to all types of music—as long as it’s official.

So if you have the kind of music that deserves to be presented to the public, Dominic and A1HipHop will take care of you. He and his team enjoy helping underground artists shine, as well as keep you informed on the latest news and trends in the industry. A1HipHop has big plans to expand in the near future, so get in the mix now!

-Coyo Alexander

Follow him on twitter @dabonus


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