Business Spotlight: 1st Ladies Bar – Mobile Bartending Service

1st Ladies Bar is a mobile bartending services that brings the bar to you. They can service your birthday party, bachelor and bachelorette parties, galas and balls, showcases, launch parties and more. Their services include seasonal signature drinks which serves as the basis of each package, and specialty treats like alcohol-soaked candies. They also offer a non-alcoholic menu for your non-alcoholic events.
In the future 1st Ladies Bar will to expand their brand to offering alcohol-infused smoothies and desserts. Also watch for Dope Decor, a service that uses recycled liquor bottles decorated with recycled magazines and newspapers to provide specialty packaging for their specialty treats.

This unique business was created by Lauren Reese and Kenya Hadnot, graduates of the Mays Business School at Texas A&M University. They were fond of the night life and were considered party animals. “We found a way to utilize our love for the night life and everything in it to make us a little side money.”

These ladies used their desire to turn their love for the night life into a lucrative business venture. Their entrepreneurial spirit has served them well so far, and they plan to continue to ride the wave of success. Although, they did not always know exactly how they would attain this success, and encountered numerous roadblocks on their journey. Kenya tells us, “College was a struggle, but trying to get around corporate America was the roadblock. Everyone tried to tell me that you have to have money to make money, but i was insistent on building my business.” Her passion to become an entrepreneur led her to dodge some lucrative opportunities in the corporate arena, and she is happy with her journey and excited for what is to come. Lauren on the other hand, went the corporate America route and soon realized that is was not where she needed to be. Now she is 100% sure she wants to become a serial entrepreneur. “They didn’t teach us entrepreneurship in school, passion led us in this direction. The knowledge has definitely helped us in building our business.” 1st Ladies Bar is definitely building and expanding rapidly. “We want to take over Houston. When you think of bartending services, think of 1st Ladies Bar” says Kenya.

When it is time for your next event, alcohol friendly or not, you now know who to go to. Or better yet, who will come to you!

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-Coyo Alexander

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