Burial Boyz are taking over the 3rd Coast and killing everything along the way

Burial Boyz


FYI Houston was first blessed with the Memphis, TN group Burial Boyz undeniable energy at our 4th Annual Summer Showcase & Launch back in July 2016. The duo exhibited extreme confidence in traveling to Houston, TX to perform for a group of people who have never heard of them before. Not only did they get on the stage, they blazed it! Their energy was so amazing that it didn’t matter that we didn’t know them beforehand. Their performance ensured that we would pay attention from now on.

The duo originally started performing together in 2013, but they had not quite solidified themselves as an official group. The group is comprised of Jacorri ‘Fly Guy Don C’ Washington and Kameron ‘Blazin’ Watson. They are influenced heavily by the music scene in Memphis as well as the overall  hip-hop culture. They attribute their energetic performance style to the ‘crunk’ scene that originated in their hometown. Blazin states, “We come from the city where being ‘crunk’ originated. We wanted to recreate that Three Six Mafia vibe but with the Burial Boyz signature sound.” 

So the duo went on a quest to define their sound in a genre  where it is difficult to stand out. In the early days, the group would cover the tracks of the hottest songs in rotation and name them ‘burials’. As the duo gained popularity through their music and began to be spotted in the city their fans would call them the Burial Boyz, and the name stuck with them.

Burial Boyz

Once the Burial Boyz made the name official, they began working on their stage presence. They understand how important it is to not only create a great song, but to bring that song to life via live performance. So, at a Burial Boyz show expect one thing: energy. Fly Guy Don C explains, “Our style is energetic and creative. We always want to bring the audiences something that separates us from other artists and it always has to be lit! Expect crowd engagement, lots of moving, jumping, and last but not least, sauce. Can’t forget about the sauce lol. We aim to make every listen an experience to satisfy the ear.”

The Burial Boyz possess a passionate sound and are determined to leave their stamp on the game in a major way. They work hard and know that consistency is the key to success. Fly Guy Don C says, “Literally everyday I’m either shooting an idea to Blazin or vice versa.” 

Burial Boyz

The two claim to have found themselves in the rhythm a long time ago and have been influenced by artists like Three Six Mafia, UGK, Lil Wayne, Fabulous, and Kanye West. Their favorite thing about performing is the feedback they receive after their set. “All the love is life changing”, says Blazin. As of right now, the Burial Boyz have recently dropped their mixtape Urgency and expect their album Graveyard Shift to be completed shortly after. They also released the visual for their song Run it Up and have more on the way.

When it comes down to it, Blazin and Fly Guy Don C want to not only impact their peers and fans, but also generations to come. They want to exhibit to their followers that with hard work and dedication all dreams can come true. “You have to want it and work for it. Remember you can’t cheat the grind!”

We definitely haven’t heard the last of the Burial Boyz. Stay tuned with FYI Houston for more from the Memphis duo.

Burial Boyz

“Don’t be afraid to be the outcast. Embrace who you are, people respect that.”     -Burial Boyz

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