“Don’t get caught up in trying to fit in” – Briona Mae

Motivated by success and driven to make her mom proud; entertainer, Briona Mae caught up with FYI Houston for the Winter 2015 Issue. As a child in Las Vegas, Nevada; Briona Mae watched her single mother work three jobs, which made her Mom the perfect role model. Briona Mae finds her uniqueness in her nationality; which includes Black, White, Indian, Irish, Mexican and Dutch; loves soccer, and has been playing for 13 years.

In her free time, Briona Mae enjoys listening to R&B music, and the right book will keep her interested, “believe it or not.” We asked her is she had any hidden talents, but she didn’t believe she had any, so we would be happy to help her find them out!

Over the next five years, Briona Mae plans to do the following: 1) finish graduate medical school, 2) own a home, 3) have her mom retire, 4) get married and 5) have children. There was no specific order, but Briona Mae says she is focused on her career, so the most important concern over the next five years for her is setting new goals to accomplish; and staying on the right track.

In the past, Briona Mae struggled with school when she was failing classes, but learned to work harder, study harder and pay attention to overcome the roadblock in her way!            For the next generation, she would like to give them the following advice:

“Don’t get caught up in trying to fit in; be you and… don’t let anyone change YOU!” – Briona Mae


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