We caught up with Brian Barber to see how he has been doing since we talked to him last. Looks like things have been going well for the team!

What have you been up to?

I’ve been working hard in the studio every chance that I get. Since I linked up with MouseQuake and James Kline (of Banger Boy Studio in Arlington, TX), it’s been non-stop work. Currently, I’m working on four different projects.

What events/music/products have you been promoting?Brian Barber

I’ve been mostly promoting the music being produced and the services offered by both Sound Mentality and Banger Boy Studios. The most recent event that I have coming up would be the “2013 A3C Festival ‘Pro-Audio Experience’ with iStandard Producers Showcase @ SAE Institute in Atlanta, GA on October 3,2013.” I am blessed to be the featured producer for winning the 2012 A3C Festival iStandard Producers Showcase held in Atlanta, GA as well.

How has your business developed since the last time we caught up with you?

The business has definitely developed into a solid entity. We’ve been blessed to have the right people to come in at the right time so that business will run fluidly.

What do you have planned in the coming months?

In the coming months, we have a few more showcases coming up and of course, even more projects and opportunities to take advantage of. Candace Manns from CManns Management, LLC continues to have me on a tight schedule which helps me to stay consistence and hungry!

What future projects can we look forward to?

Be on the lookout for, new projects coming from Dallas-native, C’Thru and Wisconsin-native, Juq’o Vibe with features from DeeRick.

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