BossLady Jaye, Houston TX

“My grind separates me because I am consistent and I have a true god-given talent” – BossLady Jaye

BossLady Jaye is a passionate female rapper who is no stranger to the entertainment world. Born and raised on the Southside of Houston, Texas she has done everything from poetry, dancing, acting, to beauty contests. She found her true calling in music and became fully committed to her profession in 2009, and hasn’t looked back since. She is focused on success in the rap game and intent on making history with her talents. She was an introverted youth, who took to writing in her poetry what she couldn’t share with others. She moved from poems to rap and quickly discovered her purpose when she was introduced to music. She was amazed by the entire process and fell in love the first time she recorded and was reassured of her calling during her first live performance. She says “This is definitely a passion of mine and I love it. Every moment of the grind, the long nights, the sacrifices, the love from the fans and other artists…”

Influenced heavily by Beyonce and other artists like Lil’ Kim, Salt N’ Pepa, Rah Digga, and Pink, the rapper says she looks up to female artists who have made accomplishments in the music industry. She describes herself as a laid back diva focused on success, and her unique rap style is expressed through her head-turning lyrics and captivating performances. BossLady Jaye is the self-proclaimed “Voice of the Women” and is determined to represent females and be a living example of what can be done when you believe in yourself and work hard to realize your goals.  When she is not working hard in the studio, she is working on Headturners I.N.C. (Inspiring New Changes), her non-profit organization focused on female advancement and empowerment. As a young single mother, the rapper knows the inherent struggles all too well and hopes to help other young women successfully hurdle over some of the trials she was faced with.

BossLady Jaye is resolute in her aspirations to impact the music industry in a major way. She wants to prove that if females just work hard and remain dedicated to their craft, success will be upon them. She hopes to surround herself with the top executives and artists in the industry and travel the world spreading her music and message. She also hopes to branch out and experiment with different music genres in the future. Some of her past projects include “I Do It for The Streets” and “2 Real 2b a Barbie”, which are currently available Currently the rapper is working on her new project “In My Act” which she assures will be pure fire when it drops in the near future.

written by: Coyo


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