Boobe Trap: “Already Famous, Waiting On A Pay Check”

“My talent is undeniable and I know one day I will be a successful rapper.” – Boobe Trap

Mark “Boobe Trap” Williams is a cool, laid back, down to earth guy from Houston, Texas. He realized he wanted to be a rapper when he won a talent show in the fourth grade and he says he loved it! Since his first rap performance, he has continued to do shows to get his name out. boobetrap“My talent is undeniable and I know one day I will be a successful rapper,” says the artist. His favorite artists are Jay – Z, Young Jeezy, and Lil Wayne. He describes that his music is closely related to and influenced by Eminem and the one thing that separates him from other artists is his lyrics are real and others can relate. He hopes to influence his generation and future generations with his music by encouraging others to reach for their dreams and never let their struggles come in the way of what they aspire to be.

“Sometimes you got to go through Hell to get to Heaven.”
-Boobe Trap

  Boobe Trap’s talents and hobbies include poetry and boxing. Poetry can be easily translated into raps says the rapper, in which Boobe Trap is often rapping about true events happening in his life. “Sometimes you got to go through Hell to get to Heaven,” says Boobe Trap.” Outside of the rough life Boobe Trap has lived he knew he would always overcome his struggles and having faith is the key to success. In the next five years, Boobe Trap visualizes himself receiving a Grammy award for Best New Artist. Boobe Trap says his lyrics are real and that is something rappers of today lack. Also, he makes you feel, think, smile, and cry with his lyrics. He is telling a story.
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When Boobe Trap is not rapping or recording in the studio, he volunteers at the Boys and Girls club mentoring and counseling youth at risk. He is aware of the struggles black men are faced with and he uses rapping and his past experiences to help both men and women overcome their struggles. His versatility helps him reach all audiences says the artist.

Past projects include underground mix tapes titled “Double Life,” “Academic Probation,” “Concrete Bible,” and “Freestyle Fish scale.” He is currently working on a trilogy “Pennies for my Thoughts,” “Twenties for my Thoughts,” and “Benjys for my Thoughts.” He plans to increase his audience by getting his name out there and says, “Once they hear my music I won’t have to do more encouraging.”

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