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Nahom “Big Name” Habte is scheduled to perform on April 26th at the Best in Dallas Showcase at Elm Street Bar in Dallas, TX. Tickets to the event can be purchased at the door for $15 or $10 from his brother and business partner. You can reach his brother through email at

Big Name is motivated by his son. Big Name was reared in a home with foreign culture, and also spent five years in the army. His role model is his father, “for how far he’s come and what he’s been able to provide for (his family)”.

Big Name’s hobbies include: “going to the shooting range, hanging with the few people he trusts, playing a little ball, writing music and smoking some herb”. Outside of the studio and hobbies, Big Name also has a few hidden talents. He told us people have always admired his artistic side, so he likes to draw during his spare time. He also is a pretty good barber, cutting most of the people’s hair in his army’s companay.

Over the next five years, Big Name plans to become one of the new faces of hip hop. “I understand it takes talent, grind, work ethic, as well as time,” says Big Name, “so five years from now, I’d like to see myself on the cover of the Source Magazine or on MTV.” Looking back at the roadblocks and struggles he overcame,

Big Name recalls his deployment to Iraq, where he spent a year. He was dealing with deaths of loved ones, problems and trust issues with people he considered family back home, to ducking mortars and roadside bombs. “It all showed me how much I could endure as a man.” says Big Name

Words of advice for the next generation:

“Stay true to yourself and do you. No one else can do what you can better than you.” – Big Name

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