Beast The Beat – Spotlight

Beast The Beat is a niche blog  that brings all the latest EDM music and news
to the general public with an Urban perspective. In the process of bridging gaps
with no naps, Beast The Beat covers EDM in a more general, urban fashion, with
no filter. Motivated by the music lovers who actually like EDM, Beast The Beat’s
coverage includes up and comming DJs and Artists within House, Trance, Trap,
Electro, and Deep House music.

Although the general public lacks knowledge of EDM music, Beast The Beat
educates and informs people of the many genres that make up EDM; breaking the
old school stereo-typical electro sound stigma. Inspired by Armin Van Buuren,
Oliver Heldens, Diplo, Skrillex; Beast The Beat blogs about all the cool stuff
that happened at festivals, raves, shows, and EDM random events! The reach and
support garnered since Beast The Beat’s founding in January, allows the blog to
be in multiple places at once.

Over the next 5 years, expect to see the name “Beast the Beat” in Houston,
Austin, and surrounding areas, as EDM bloggers are continually building
relationships with up and coming DJs, and plan to host multiple concerts,
private parties, and more EDM inspired events.

Beast The Beat will have a boat party that sets sail on Lake Travis in Austin,
TX, September 12th, 2015 at 5:00pm. The party will include 3-5 of some of the
hottest DJs in the Texas area, and tickets and more information will be
available on the site (

Advice for the youth:

“Dance like no one is watching…” – Beast the Beat


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