B. Barber, Producer, Sound Mentality Productions

“What makes all of [my] projects special is that I’m being 100% authentic with each of them. Compromising my true sound is something that I don’t do.” – B. Barber, Producer, Sound Mentality Productions

In the currently congested music industry, artists have to do nothing more than simply reach into a bucket and pull out a producer. While this may be a convenient option for an artist looking to make any kind of music, this may not be feasible recourse for the artist who desires to leave a distinct imprint in the industry. Luckily, there are producers who refuse to be placed in said bucket, and stand out amidst the crowd. Brian Barber is that type of producer. Highly skilled in the areas of composition, arrangement, recording, mixing, songwriting and promotion, Brian is a young and ambitious individual whose ultimate passion lies in creating music; period.

Barber describes his music as soulful and gritty; with a unique infusion of soul and funk that creates his special sound. His style too eclectic to be confined to a single genre, Barber’s sound spans across hip-hop, R&B, rock and pop genres. He plans to make a positive and revolutionary impression on the music industry by creating quality music. What’s quality music, you ask? Well, Brian defines this as exceptionally mixed, mastered and arranged sound. He also hopes for his music to affect change in listeners and inspire them to “really feel and examine where they are in life and motivate them to reach and/or exceed their full potential.”

The Dallas born, bred and currently based producer has been working hard to create his own lane in the industry and has had his prints on several projects so far. Having worked with artists such as June Starr, Rickstar, Taylored Rhodes, Josef Pierre and J. Rhodes to name a few, Brian has had many opportunities to collaborate with talented artists and showcase his talent and growth as a producer. He was also recently featured in the iStandard Producers Showcase at the A3C Hip-Hop Festival in October 2012. Barber has tried his hand on the battle scene as well, recently reaching the 2nd round of the A.S.A.P. (All-Star Association of Producers) Battle of the Beats.

Brian’s future plans are to continue work with quality and professional artists and companies to create and promote timeless music. In the coming years Barber aspires to land placements with major artists/labels, film and video game companies, television networks and advertisements on a consistent basis. As long as he continues to focus on creating quality music, we will definitely hear more from him in the future.

-Coyo Alexander

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