Shatoia Nicole was born a fashionista, and has always dreamed of owning her own retail store or boutique one day. But she never expected to be an owner at 24 years of age. After gaining valuable experience in the retail and fashion industry for over 5 years, she was finally able to launch Glam Luxe Accessories in June 2011, selling items via social networks. As Glam Luxe Accessories became more popular, Shatoia Nicole decided to add on new merchandise selections and changed the name to Luxe Moda. The rest is history.

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The Jorvorski ‘J.Train’ Lane Story: Inside and Out by VestiSports

Dedication and Determination at it’s Best

            Jorvorskie Javion Lane is an American football fullback for the Miami Dolphinsof the National Football League. He played tailback and fullback for the Texas A&M Aggies college football team. Although, Lane is currently the starting fullback for the Miami Dolphins, he hasn’t always had love for football. “My first love has always been basketball. It wasn’t until 6th when I moved back to Lufkin from Houston that I was introduced to football. I went to my Uncle’s house and my Aunt said he and my cousins were out back playing football and that I should go join them. I didn’t care for football at all so I was like I won’t play but I’ll go watch them. When I got back there I saw how much fun my Uncle and cousins were having while playing football. That day my Uncle taught me football and ever since then I never looked back.”jorvorksi lane1

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Beat Beast–Jarvis Kibble

“I’m just a fresh sound. I’m not trying to re-invent the wheel, just putting my twist on it.”


Jarvis ‘Beat Beast’ Kibble is a prime example of what can be accomplished no  matter where you come from or what your surroundings are. Born and raised in the Hiram Clarke neighborhood on the Southside of Houston, Texas, Jarvis’ works have transcended beyond his city and landed nationwide onto some of hip-hop’s most popular tracks. So far, Jarvis has produced music for artists such as Z-Ro,   J-Dawg, Rick Ross, Mos Def, Gillie da Kid, Big Sean, and Kanye West to name a few.

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Business Spotlight: Medieval Beatz


                Medieval Beatz officially became a business in 2006 when YE, CEO, figured he could save the entertainment industry with his creative beats and exclusive production skills. His older brother recognized his great talent for music and later decided to join forces with YE in 2009. Now, Medieval Beatz has many employees and business partners including John Allen of Team Too Freaky (TTF) Currently, Medieval Productions is located all over the state of Texas, but will be relocating its main office to New York this year.

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I remember when it was all about chasing down record labels, now it’s the labels chasing the artists down for a contract.”

                Guy Brown is a talented and optimistic rap artist born in Washington D.C. and raised in Southern Maryland. His career began in 2009, after receiving inspiration from the positive energy around him, especially his producer and mentor. Guy is the chill, laidback type who enjoys partaking in his city’s sports scene in his spare time. He also enjoys playing basketball, detailing his car, and skateboarding. The skate park is usually where he likes to go and put on his headphones to create melodies, lyrics, and beats.

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