Chayla Williams, Houston TX

Chayla Williams

When it comes to entertaining, Chayla Williams is a master of the art. Professionally trained in both song and dance, Chayla possesses the perfect combination of talent. The Houston, Texas native realized pleasant success as a former NBA dancer and now hopes to realize a long awaited dream of becoming a Pop Star. The artist is passionate about her endeavour,  saying Its all Ive ever felt completely satisfied in doing. She credits Mariah Carey with being her biggest vocal influence,  and  the late Michael Jackson as the biggest influence on her performance.  Chaylas philosophy is to make fun of life, and wants to carry that principle into her music.

Chayla has big dreams for her entertainment career and knows exactly how to make them come true. With her dancing background and interior designing skills, she hopes to bring life to her performances.  

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GQ Marley, San Antonio TX

GQ Marley is a self – driven artist born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. He is known for his witty metaphors, clever word play, and sarcastic humor.  He describes himself as a sophisticated stoner that believes in the principles and philosophies of his namesake (Bob Marley). He is an ambitious, educated college student who has been writing rhymes since he was 14 for all music genres. He is a confident, ambitious stoner who goes against all common stereotypes of the rap culture, and hopes that his image will motivate others to be different and feel comfortable in their own skin.

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Lance George aka Gunzo – Underground Music from St. Lucia

Lance George began his career as a rapper in 1998 when he was a high school freshman and realized that no other career was important to him. Since then he has been putting it down on the microphone for over a decade on his native island of St. Lucia, with aspirations to branch out beyond the island and make an impact worldwide. The rapper describes himself as an eclectic individual, shedding numerous shadows of himself, each of them being unique to his holistic development. The artist envisions his music as a tool to teach the youth temperance, positive thinking, and ways to overcome or prevent negative situations.

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Tales from the Hood with Houston’s South Side, Mighty G – The Producer

  Marcus “Mighty G” Williams is known by most of his associates as a cool and calm-natured individual, who can also switch gears on notice and become the life of the party. Born and raised in urban Houston, Texas, he experienced firsthand what many of his favorite rappers expressed in their songs. He understood exactly how real their words were, and he lived that reality daily. As a result, Mighty G decided to embark on a career as a rapper in 2002 in order to illustrate his life to the world through song. He aspires to be a representative for his community and all who listen and can relate to his experiences. More importantly, he wants to shed light and insight about his life to those fans that listen but have no real-life experience with his words.

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