Jordan De’Aver


Jordan De’Aver is a young artist from Houston, TX who has dreams to make a world-known name for himself in the music industry. He refuses to be confined into the description of rapper or singer. He is simply and artist. Which means that he is able to do it all.

The artist comes from a family of entertainers, and while he was always surrounded by music, he admits that his family wouldn’t take his dreams seriously until he did. Jordan reveals how his older brother gave him advice and how long he had to wait and perfect his craft before his family would take him seriously: “My big brother actually made me realize how dedicated I had to be when my people said I was too young to record with them but that didn’t stop me. I was writing music at 7 years old. I was 14 when I started recording, so they slept on me for 7 whole years. But when I touched the mic I killed the whole record! There was so much that I had to do to be taken serious but I NEVER cared too much because I was gone make it happen regardless.”

img_20161010_161707The young artist has an eclectic array of influences which include his brother, Drake ,J Cole, Lil Wayne, Kendrick Lamar, Party Next Door, OMB Bloodbath, Yung leek, Stunna Bam, Young Thug, Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, Eazy-E, Tupac, and Biggie Smalls

He never felt as if people took him serious as an artist, so he wanted to prove to others that he is in fact very serious about his calling. He recalls his first time performing and showing his peers what he is capable of. He says, “I was at my school for a pep rally before my basketball game and this man mr. Latchley which is an administrator for the high school I go to told me to get up there and perform but I was shy at first so I was like not right now I was basically beating around the bush but he announced my name anyway so I was like man this could be my chance right here the stands was full the bleachers were full the floor was full of people sitting down in front of me so I just walked up there and I gave it my all after that I was known in the school and many places in Third Ward for my music. I had everyone was shocked because they didn’t know how good I was as an artist they thought I was just another person said I rap or I seen But actually I don’t claim myself to be neither one I’m just an artist.”

img_20161010_161357Jordan’s first performance was definitely an exciting experience, and the love that he received made him want to do it more. But once Jordan realized that he could turn his passion into his career he knew exactly what he wanted to do with the rest of his life. He explains,  “My first experience with music was like something just to have fun with and once I find out that it was also a business I was like damn man you can get paid for doing something that you love doing?! I can make this my way out of Third Ward.”

He has had his share of struggles while pursuing music, from his own family and friends not taking him seriously, to being involved in the court system. He is still in the process of finding himself and he says that is also a challenge.

The young artist has goals to see how far he can go doing something that he loves. He has an intimate experience when he is writing and recording his music. He says, “It’s not just creating music, it’s a feeling. I understand myself better after I record.”

IG: imjustjordannn Twitter: JDeaverOfficial SC: jay_fevah

Dolla$ign Dee of G.Y.M. talks being the best and taking care of the whole team


Tell us about yourself.

I am D’Andrea Jenning. My stage name is Dolla$ign Dee. I’m 27. I was born and raised in Killeen, TX. The inspiration behind my stage name comes from me investing in myself; like that’s what I’m about is money. I’m not here for fame I’m here for financial stability. It’s about a dollar. My city has a lot of influence on my style it’s where I’m from, and it’s what made and raised me. I love my city and I’m just trying to be one of the best to ever do it in my city and state.

who are your musical influences?

My musical influences are Pimp C, OutKast, Cash Money, No Limit, DMX, 2 Pac, Nipsey Hussle, Big Krit. 

what do you enjoy most about what you do?

I enjoy the love I get from people who don’t even know me but get my message through my music and feel like they know me through my music. I enjoy the progression as well.dee

what project are you working on now?

My second mixtape entitled, ‘For the Real’ is out now on all download websites.

As an entertainer, how do you define success?

Success to me is to be one of the best if not the best at what I do. And to be rich from what I do, and for my mom and brother to not have to work anymore and enjoy life.

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Twitter: dolla$igndee254
SC: dolla$igndee254

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Lil Ray of G.Y.M. only raps what’s real

“My Delivery Can Change Up At Anytime” – Lil Ray

lil ray

Tell us about yourself.

Justin Ross. Stage name: Lil Ray. Hometown:Killeen, TX. 26yrs old. I'm laid back, and a people person. I just love to have a good time.

What influence has your city had on your style?

Everything I rap about is what the city has showed me or things I have been through.

How did your entertainment journey begin?

About a year ago. I just went into the studio and started talking about what I did that day and it went from there. Really I was just was playing with it until people heard it and said I should stay with it.

lil rayWhat has been your motivation?

The G.Y.M team. They are behind me all the way and they keep pushing me.

What was your first experience with music like?

It was cool. I grew up on that Houston music culture and fell in love.

Who are your musical influences?

Young Dolph, Philthy Rich, and Gucci Mane.

What has been the defining moment of your career so far?

When we made G.Y.M our brand and went legit.

How do you define success?

Getting your city behind your back and taking off with no looking back.

What project are you working on now?

My mixtape entitled, Let Me In.

FB:  Justin Ross

Big Duce: Joe Jackson of G.Y.M.

Big Duce


Tell us about yourself.

Courtney Mitchell. Big Duce. Age 30. Killeen, TX born & raised. I’m cool and laid back. They call me the Joe Jackson of the G.Y.M. I’m big bro. Big Duce is a name I came up with  while freestyling when I was younger and it stuck to me like glue.

Do you remember your first time entertaining?

Lol Yea in elementary I was chubby checker doing the good times.

What was your first experience with music like?

I grew up around music my grandfather owned a juke joint in Galveston and I stayed in there and the jukebox stayed playing.

duce-2What keeps you motivated?

The GYM has kept me motivated watching my lil bros put in this work and be so dedicated to accomplishing the same goal…putting the GYM on the map …it gives me the drive to keep going and go hard at that it’s serious round here bout this rapping.

 Who were your musical influences?

Fat Pat & Lil’ Keke. If I had to compare my style to another artist it would be like Fat Pat and Lil’ Keke together because I give it to you raw like Lil’ Keke and I’m a big dude that’s jiggy like Fat Pat.

What was your favorite song growing up?

Lil Troy – Wanna Be a Baller

How do you define success?

Success is when I can feed my family and provide for them from rap alone. When all I have to do is get up and rap for a check.

Any advice for aspiring artists?

Keep it 100 with your people. Be you.

FB: bigduce  Twitter: therealbigduce SC: gymduce

Tummy Tee of G.Y.M. reveals near death experience and making music with his team

 “I bring the beat out, the beat don’t bring me out! I can start rapping and make the world’s toughest man move.” -Tummy Tee 

Tumtum of G.Y.M.

Hi! my name is Ajalon Robinson but to my viewers or listeners I go by the name TummyTee. I’m 27 years old. I was born in Colorado Springs Colorado, but raised majority of my life in Killeen, TX.

 What was the inspiration behind your stage name?

I got the name ‘Tumtum’ from a family member when I was younger from a movie I used to watch called ‘3 Ninjas’. It was probably because of my size and eating habits lol. Also, my real name is hard for most to pronounce. As I got older and started rapping more and making an impact in my neighborhood with my talent it just really stuck to me.

What project are you working on now?

I just dropped my second mixtape ‘Jumpstory 2’ on If you haven’t got it get you one now! But I’m in the lab about to wake the city back up with my next tape called ‘GREENCITY’ hosted by V. O. M designer Scotty Lee. Y’all make sure to stay tuned for that one!

What struggles have you had to overcome in your career?

tummy teeLosing my best friend in a car crash was a big one. But losing hearing in my left ear was the worst. In 2012 I was shot in the head an placed ICU for 2 weeks. I lost my hearing and some  nerves on my left side. I woke up to lots of love and at that moment it hit me. I felt I had to choose between these streets or rap; I chose rapping! I really just got over it by thanking God for still blessing me to see better days and being able to live to tell this story I have called life on these beats to y’all.

How would you describe your music for someone who has never heard it before?

Like a documentary with a dope beat behind it.

What was your favorite song growing up?

Southside by Lil’ Keke

What advice do you have for aspiring artists?

Go for what you believe in and never give up!

FB: tumtumgymbrand IG: tum2time 

Twitter: tum2time SC: tumtee-bigway 

Jonoo Bandz


New Orleans native Jonathan Dewitt, better known as Jonoobandz, resides in Houston, TX and is making a serious mark on the underground scene. The 15 year old believes his hard work and unique sound set him apart from the rest. FYI Houston was able to catch up with Jonoobandz to pick the young artist’s brain on his music and more.
Jonoobandz started his rap career around the age of 7 rapping in his neighbor’s studio. Raised in a tough situation filled with violence, he overcame and stuck to his music. Over the years his sound developed and he never lost his love of writing rhymes and rapping. When asked what kept him motivated throughout his career, Jonoobandz responded, “My progression I feel as I get better & better over time.”
With a new mixtape entitled Everlasting in the works, Jonoobandz is working in the lab. He writes in his free time and the young artist is serious about his craft. FYI asked Jonoobandz to define success and his response was, “Success is the reward of hard work or goals that have been achieved.”

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Brandon Howell is the best Houston artist that’s not from Houston

“I’m going to work enough that you will be forced to see my art.” -Brandon Howell

pimpcBrandon Howell is an extremely talented artist who is quickly making a strong name for himself on the Houston art scene. Originally from Georgia, the artist visited Houston for the first time and loved the city so much that he decided to make it his home. He has been working as an art teacher in Houston for the past 2 years. He made it his mission to work hard at his craft and make a living doing what he loves, creating art. Brandon paints lots of portraits and people’s pets and he mainly works with spray paints and acrylics. He has created a nice buzz for himself by painting portraits of Houston entertainers like the late great Pimp C, Slim Thug, and Paul Wall to name a few.

bartsimpsonThe 27 year old artist comes from a single parent home, and hopes to use his skills to make a name for himself and make his mother proud. FYI Houston asked Brandon about his 5 year goals and he responded, “I just want to continue to paint and continue to grow as an artist, and as a human being.”

Howell has this advice for young artists and anyone who needs motivation to pursue their dreams: “I would say to young artists…don’t let people tell you what you can and can’t do. I never went to college, I never went to art school, but I make a living painting because i never stopped. Ive been teaching art classes at a studio for 2 years now with 0 art school myself. All this life takes is effort and work. And remember to paint what makes you happy. It may take years, but people will respect and love you for doing great pieces that YOU wanted to paint.”

jimmyhendrixAt the pace Howell is operating, it is no wonder how he has become such a sensation in the art community here. His paintings are very detailed and make a bold statement to its admirers. You should definitely adorn the walls of your home or office with a piece of Brandon Howell’s original artwork.marilynmonroe

Find Brandon Howell on IG @brand0nh0well      or on his website


DOPE Images: Nurture Your Creative Side

Preserve Your Special Moments for Eternity

Dope Images is video production, editing, and photography company based in Houston, TX. The owner, Tristian Turner is an energetic and talented entrepreneur with dreams to help capture the special moments of everyone she can.

The 31 year old New Orleans native has been operating her company for two years. Inspired by her love of capturing photos and video, Tristian created Dope Images in hopes of nurturing her creativity. She explains, “I offer an edgy appeal and approach to photography and cinematography. Although I can produce the extremely polished and commercial edits some people want, I love the raw imagery appeal. To me it helps the audience see the subject for their truth.”



“I love that fact that I save the special moments of people lives and help them preserve those moments for an eternity.”

 Turner is able to provide plenty of insight when it comes to running a business. When asked what her biggest challenge has been with starting a business, Tristian responded, “Everything. Lol. For real though it’s very challenging juggling schedules and appointments then I’m currently in school for computer science so I have to fit that in also.” Although the young company has experienced its share of difficulties since its inception, Turner plans to follow through with her dreams until she reaches her goals. She has plans to start a Dope Images franchise in the future. For Turner, Dope Images is more than a company; it’s a way of life. She has turned her passion into her life’s work and will turn her dreams into reality. For some of the best video and photography work in Houston, go to Dope Images.

13416782_616237375208079_4218827013682083165_o“I want my work to be my legacy. Want my videos and pictures to impact the world. Want the images I capture to really get the world to think about one another. For us a humans to understand we all are of the same race. The Human race.”


Dope Images Photography & Filmz 


Rock n Rolla: The kid handling grown man business

Meet Tha Kid Rock N Rolla

Rock N Rolla

Tha Kid Rock N Rolla is a young artist representing the southside of Houston, TX. The young artist hasn’t even graduated from high school yet, but he is definitely handling grown man business. Already the entertainer has positioned himself amongst a solid team of individuals and is making quality, ready-for-radio music. He is a member of the Ballout Music Group (BMG) and Only My Brother (OMB) squad (view BMG’s interview here)

Rock N Rolla

One thing that stands out the most about Rock n Rolla is that his flow sounds a lot more mature than his age. He has had to deal with close friends passing due to street violence, so he has had to grow up much faster than his peers. He started rapping because he wants to be an example for  his community and friends. He wants to show everyone that you can do anything you put your mind to. He literally started rapping in his closet! From there, he progressed to performing for his friends and at block parties. Now, the young artist is in the studio daily and releasing highly anticipated music.

Rock n Rolla’s music style is very energetic. He likes to make music that makes people have fun. He has been influenced by artists like StunnaBam, Z-Ro, and Lil’ Keke. However, the artist attests that he definitely possesses a style that is all his own.

img_1608While the young artist represents his city to the fullest, he actually has a different perspective when he describes the influence his city has had on him. He explains, “It’s a kind of a bad influence because no one’s really trying to work together, and everyone is always competing with each other.” However, Rock n Rolla is still very optimistic about his career. His affiliation with BMG/OMB has him surrounded by people who truly support him and wish him success. With a team like that, and a flow like his, we can see why he believes in his dreams so strongly.

Recently Rock n Rolla has released his latest mixtape Handwork is Appreciated which he is very excited about. The mixtape can be downloaded on (Download Handwork is Appreciated HERE)


Follow Rock n Rolla:
Twitter: Bmg_RocknRolla
IG: thakid_rocknrolla


Bobby Earth releases new EP, Progression

Witness the Progression of Bobby Earth

Houston-based R&B producer/singer Bobby Earth is back with his first solo project since his independently released 2013 mixtape The Book of GenesynthPROGRESSION is an entirely self-produced, 6-track EP, and it is Earth’s first solo project to be released on the Milky Wayv label. The EP released August 28th, and it has already received over 10,000 plays and counting, thanks to a strong following, both in Houston and on the Internet, not to mention a cosign from GRAMMY-nominated soul band The Internet.
Much like his last project, PROGRESSION‘s subject matter orbits two main planets: love and outer space. Only this time, we see these experiences through the lens of a more mature 21-year-old Bobby, versus that of his former collegiate 18-year-old self. Sonically, PROGRESSION forms an experimental blend of soul, hip-hop, jazz, and electronic music.
Additionally, Earth rounds up artists from different musical backgrounds to complement his smooth vocals and eclectic soundscapes. The EP features Kintaro of the Internet, Brice Blanco, guitarist Chris “Choice” Sommers, and drummer Tarron Overshown.
All of the latest Milky Wayv music can be found on Soundcloud, YouTube, and Bandcamp.  Follow Bobby Earth (@thebobbyearth) and Milky Wayv (@milkyxwayv) on Twitter for updates on all shows, music videos, and forthcoming projects. It’s guaranteed to be tope (tight and dope at the same time).

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