Alvee Love is coming for every R&B artist in the industry

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“It’s more to me than music. I have a message.”

Alvee Love

Malcolm Jones is a self-proclaimed ‘country boy’ born and raised in the small town of Sealy, TX. From Sealy he moved to Jacksonville, TX where he was a star football and track athlete. He currently resides in Houston, TX where he is pursuing a career in music. Although the young artist has much love for his hometown, he knew that he needed to expand his horizons in order to become successful with his music. He never felt like his hometown gave him the support that he would need to become successful. He explains, I’m from a town where music is just not a topic of discussion. Either you play sports or play gangster. So you had two choices; the league or the grave. Those were your only options.”20160922_155849
The young artist was an exceptional athlete, but wanted to find an alternative way to cope with personal issues that plagued his life. Alvee Love began writing music in high school, but he admits that he was apprehensive about displaying his skills to his peers until one of his very close friends named Bradley Miller encouraged him to record his very first track. Shortly after, they released a single entitled You My Baby, You My Boo and a freestyle to Lil’ Wayne’s classic Leather So Soft. From there Alvee Love’s buzz started to grow and his musical journey began.

So the young star has been recording, performing and perfecting his craft for some time now. He has come a long way from his first experiences with music at the country clubs that his dad would take him to. He remembers his first experience,  “My first experience with music was with Zodiac/Blues. We had a spot my Dad used to take us before he passed away called BIG MAMMA’S Cafe. Big Mamma used to have one of those big colorful juke boxes and all the elders use to sit in there and dance and two step.” Alvee took his roots with him and includes elements of them in his performances. Although, his very first show at Riddims night club was a disaster. He remembers janky promoters, no-show performers, fighting, and several other unfortunate events. Even then he had the desire to give his listeners a great show, and he performed in spite of the ensuing fiasco. He then progressed to performing at a fashion show for Vivica A. Fox during an NBA All-Star weekend in Houston.

Alvee Love Alvee’s stage performance has developed into one that you definitely have to experience in person. He is very critical about his work, and aims to give listeners his best when on stage. The artist promises an intimate performance that takes you on a love journey. Alvee Love explains, “I am a sapiosexual. I am a man of many emotions. I love being in love”. His stage performance is very indicative of this because the energy and vibes present during his set are unexplainable. All we can say is prepare to feel the love. He says, “I plan hard and strategically put a show together that creates a warm, intimate environment so you can walk down this road of love and see what I see and feel what I feel.”

The talented crooner is motivated by his family, especially his uncle Steve. He explains, “My Uncle never made it big or famous but he is one of the most talented individuals I know. He raps, sings, tells jokes, and is a wonderful father. He taught me everything and motivated me to go as far a God is willing to take you. He used to tell me “Nephew you sacrifice what you have to and get it by any means necessary.”

Going and getting it is exactly what Alvee Love plans to do. His goals for his future are to become a well established artist and entrepreneur, and to build a foundation where he can support his family, friends, and community.

Everything around me expresses how I feel. From the clothes I wear, the lighting at my shows, the dancer’s choreography, and the people I have around me. Everything means something. -Alvee Love

Stay tuned with FYI Houston to be the first to know when Alvee Love releases his much anticipated EP Guilty Pleasures, which features two 8-track sequels.

Alvee Love

“Don’t be afraid to be what you want to be or do what you want to do. Don’t allow anyone to rob you of your dream no matter how far fetched it may seem. Putting god 1st along with hard work, dedication, and patience, anything is achievable.” -Alvee Love

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