Abs0rptions Art: Never do what they tell you.

Lauren Grein

Abs0rptions artwork by Lo Rein is based in Houston, Texas and features unique digital art, painting, drawing, photography, and poetry. The designer features art that is abstract and up for interpretation. Lo started her art journey as a young child, but began to take things seriously when one of her art instructors helped her to recognize her potential. She thrives on emotional expression, and her art is evidence.

Lo is a gifted artist who has had the ability to meet likeminded souls, artistic beings whom have helped her to express herself with or without words.

Lo has experienced many struggles in her life, mainly of the emotional nature. She has dealt with mental health issues for much of her life, but is proud to have overcome her roadblocks.

Now the young artist is focused on her artistry and plans to perfect her skills and gain new ones with hopes to venture into film and become one of the biggest film makers from Houston. She also has plans to open her own gallery and beauty studio.


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