Abiola Wabara: Art Entrepreneur

34-year-old Parma, Italy-born and raised Abiola Wabara has had the pleasure of traveling around the world most of her life. Now settled in Houston, TX Abiola hopes to take her career to the next level through her artwork.

Her visual artwork includes creative painting mainly on oil medium. Her art ranges from conceptual, music, portraits, sports, and prints. Her art is full of beautiful and creative images that are intriguing. When she talks about her style she tells us, “My art is what I see beautiful in my heritage and a celebration of the beauty of the African woman. My style is eclectic & colorful. The eyes of my subject are usually the focal point of the piece. With each piece, I hope to convey a story to the audience, create a subject anyone can see a part of themselves in.”

My art is what I see beautiful in my heritage and a celebration of the beauty of the African woman.

Abiola had a unique childhood growing up in Italy that she admits was not the most pleasant. She used drawing and basketball as an outlet and turned out to be known as a tough and aggressive player. She talks about her experience growing up in Italy, “Growing up in Italy was not exactly an easy thing. As a child of African parents, I was always reminded that I was different, the odd one out. Italy is a beautiful country but far from culturally diverse. Being at home but not feeling home was not a good feeling. Basketball was a good escape from everyday life. ” She was happy to attend college at Baylor University where she finally felt like she was at home. “Attending Baylor and being part of a team where they were others that looked like me, and the only thing “different” about me was my accent was what allowed me to find myself and finally feel like I belonged.”

Being home but not feeling at home was not a good feeling.

Abiola was an outstanding basketball player and found her talents taking her to play professionally in Europe. There, she dominated as an aggressive player but wanted to change her image and show her softer side. She used her free time to develop her talents and attended art workshops until she found herself attending art shows and eventually selling her work. Now she has plans to become the ‘ultimate entrepreneur with her own gallery in the future. Right now she keeps herself busy with events, art&sip, cookies&paint, and clothing line Closets Gallery (art you can wear). She offers a wide variety of artwork available on her website and attends art shows throughout Houston. Now, Abiola is making her mark in Houston and gaining a lot of popularity with her beautiful artwork.

The feeling that creating brings me is the thing I love the most.”

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