The Smooth Sounds of KEN RANDLE

“I don’t want to be captured into one lane or genre.” -Ken Randle


Kendrick (Ken) Randle seems to be ahead of his time. His cool yet sultry style provides a musical environment that breeds a sense of serenity. For a guy who doesn’t say much, we can see why—he says everything he needs to in his music. His music tells a story, and takes you on a different journey with every track.  The artist tells us he likes to recreate himself often, to provide his listeners with an eclectic vibe each time they listen. “I don’t want to be captured into one lane or genre”, he says. His versatile style is reflective of his hometown of Houston, TX—specifically Missouri City, TX—where his talent came alive. From writing to singing to rapping, he can do it all and that is exactly what he plans to do in the future.

Ken reveals that entertaining “has always been a passion, kind of like a first love.” He took to writing to detach himself from his rocky home life where his mother played both parenting roles, and his fathers’ drug addiction caused him to move in and out of his life. These struggles have played a major influencing role on his entertaining ability and have cultivated his unique approach to entertaining. He hopes to convey his individuality through his work and demonstrate to his audience that he is truly one of a kind. “I’m ME. I can only be me, there is no one else I want to or can be” Ken tells us. The artist is striving to achieve longevity in the entertainment industry, a goal that he feels artists today do not care to reach as they are more concerned with trying to create music for the moment. He believes the current industry lacks the artistic characteristic, and feels that his talents will help to reestablish it.

The artist acknowledges some very powerful artists as his favorite. Michael Jackson, Sade, Kanye West, and Ice Cube are some of his preferred influences. His most notable inspiration is derived from Kanye because of “…his versatile music and way of demanding attention from music, style, and “IDGAF” attitude.” He says, “I think everyone should have a small percentage of that kind of attitude; people tend to let others shape theirs futures by caring what onlookers think.” The Kappa Alpha Psi member expresses his leaderships in other ways as well. He along with his fraternity brothers have participated in a great deal of community service, from building homes to feeding the homeless during the holidays. He is also very active with Make a Change 4 Youth, a non-profit organization based on helping disadvantaged youth. In the near future he also wants to organize his own non-profit which will be focused on children with drug addicted parents.

In the meantime though Ken is concentrating on his craft and creating timeless music. He released his first video to his song “Overdose” this past June, and is enjoying pleasant success. Soon he will release another visual for his title track “Gold”, off of his upcoming “Gold EP” which is set to drop in the spring of 2013. This will be his first solo project, and he is very excited to branch out on his own. He says, “I’ve been on hooks and written for other artists before, so this is my way of stepping to the forefront from behind the scenes. I feel I owe it to myself to at least try.”

                                -Coyo Alexander

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