Since the age of sixteen SeanoPhresh has been out here grinding in the entertainment world. Hailing from the Southside of Houston, TX, SeanoPhresh brings fans his authentic style sprinkled with that legendary H-town swag. Influenced mostly by Ice Cube, Common, and Z-Ro, he ingeniously applies these styles to create his own remarkable character. Many fans describe his sound as a Dirty South Q-Tip, a comparison that SeanoPhresh will definitely take but he contends that he will not be confined to a singular style.

Seanophresh Coming from a musical background, he credits his mother who used to sing throughout her youth with transferring the talent to him. He started out freestyling with his friends, and then realized he wanted to take his talents to the next level. Since recognizing his talent he has progressed nicely throughout his career, and has a large body of work under his belt to prove it. His solo projects They Call Me Phresh, Front Page Phresh, and Franchise Phresh have been well received by his fans and he works diligently to continue to bring them captivating music. He is currently working on a much anticipated project expected to drop in early 2013. With the release of his 2013 project, we are looking forward to seeing his growth as an artist. SeanoPhresh guarantees his progress will be evident on his future projects. He reminisces on his early mindset as a rapper and tells us that “I used to only make music that I could relate to, now I focus on making music that everyone can relate to which helps me to reach a broader audience.”

SeanoPhresh’s plans for the future are to continue to make powerful music, a task he knows he can easily conquer with the right team. “Being an up and coming artist is hard. The hardest part is developing a team who believes and loves music as much as you do. It’s a struggle trying to find the right people to work with in the business” the rapper tells us. He also has a special message to his fans.  He tells us, “Everybody complains [that] there’s not enough good music on the radio. Well, in order to [change] that the people have to support artists like me, in order to make a change.” SeanoPhresh has big plans to change the game, and FYI Houston will be right there with him to support his transition from underground to mainstream.

-Coyo Alexander

Be sure to check out SeanoPhresh’s latest EP Yours Truly SeanoPhresh, dropping early 2013!!!

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