Shatoia Nicole was born a fashionista, and has always dreamed of owning her own retail store or boutique one day. But she never expected to be an owner at 24 years of age. After gaining valuable experience in the retail and fashion industry for over 5 years, she was finally able to launch Glam Luxe Accessories in June 2011, selling items via social networks. As Glam Luxe Accessories became more popular, Shatoia Nicole decided to add on new merchandise selections and changed the name to Luxe Moda. The rest is history.

 Luxe Moda strives to provide their customers with a combination of chic trends with a fashion forward edge, offering vintage fashion jewelry, accessories, and clothing.The Luxe Moda global online store caters to the fashion savvy, chic woman aged 18-35. “Rich Fashion” was selected to define their sense of fashion, “Rich in Style, “Rich in Fashion”.  When it comes to their designs, they search worldwide for the latest styles, trends and must-haves for their shoppers. Luxe Moda purchases imported and exported fabrics of all colors and textures. “If it’s in style and part of our look, then we will most likely have it as one of our items” says Nicole. While the line targets ages 18-35, their selections are sure to catch the eye of women of any age. “We have a wide range of items that can cater to teens and  elderly with some of our jewelry selections. Our clothing selection depends on [the client’s] preference of style and fit”. Luxe Moda has an assortment of styles for any occasion, from casual and outgoing, to everyday wear and night life designs .

As the Luxe Moda namecontinues to grow, its variety of styles and selections will increase. Utilizing a mixture of marketing strategies such as social networks, newsletters, and other forums, Luxe Moda collectively builds, steers and sets the pace, ensuring that the foundation of the company continues to live. Operating for over a year, Nicole is excited about the challenges awaiting her. “Operating a business is an ongoing learning process. We will continue to research and apply, develop key business employees and partners, and most of all [keep] God first”, says Shatoia. To get laced with some of the hottest fashions the industry has to offer visit

– Jacob Isaac

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