Rex & Daytime of PARK N MURRAY

We started by just doing and saying what we felt and people fell in love instantly.

The humble and confident rap duo “Park N Murray” is made up of Rex and Daytime, brothers from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It all started when Rex was a student at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee and his younger brother Daytime came to live with him while he was enrolled. They lived on the corner of “Park and Murray.”

Park N Murray
Park N Murray

They described their house as “the party house,” and it was the best time of their life. In 2008, their mother received a job promotion and moved the entire family to San Antonio, Texas. After moving to the new city, they began to pursue entertainment out of pure boredom. Once they realized that they may be on to something they became serious about forming a group. While this would be the first time Rex would seriously pursue music, he describes Daytime as “always being a musician.” Daytime played the guitar at a young age and was a member of all different types of bands. Rex was never really into music at a young age, but focused on developing a career as a basketball star.

Currently, the groups’ primary focus is their music, and plans to continue to entertain their fans with high quality, thought-provoking, upbeat music. They really don’t have any time to engage in other activities or hobbies, unless they are music related. “We started by just doing and saying what we felt and people fell in love instantly,” says the duo. Park and Murray consider their music as real and something everyone can relate to. “That won’t change,” says Rex. Embracing their fans means everything to them because they know they are nothing without them. “We love getting off stage and performing on a ground level face to face with everyone.”

Park N MurrayPark N Murray is dedicated to making quality music that everyone can appreciate. Their music is based on their life experiences. Rex tells us the worst mistake of his life was choosing to attend a Division I university so he could experience the college life he saw in the movies—which in his mind meant drinking, smoking, and skipping class. He says that this mistake is what pushes him in his music, and that he has found his passion and refuses to take his career lightly. Park N Murray say that their life experiences is what makes them who they are and it is displayed in both their music and business decisions.

Park N MurrayThe duo performs indie hip hop and aggressive poetry and their backgrounds have shaped who they are and the kind of music they compose. “Al Green and 2pac got most of the play around my house growing up,” says the duo laughing. Their past mixtapes are titled “iMixtapes Vol. I & II.”  Their debut album is titled “Table top.” They are currently working on their new album, “Mixed Feelings” which is set to drop January 2013. Trust us; you’re going to want to stay tuned for this album to drop!

“We love getting off stage and performing on a ground level face to face with everyone.”

-Tinka Bell Israel

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