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I remember when it was all about chasing down record labels, now it’s the labels chasing the artists down for a contract.”

                Guy Brown is a talented and optimistic rap artist born in Washington D.C. and raised in Southern Maryland. His career began in 2009, after receiving inspiration from the positive energy around him, especially his producer and mentor. Guy is the chill, laidback type who enjoys partaking in his city’s sports scene in his spare time. He also enjoys playing basketball, detailing his car, and skateboarding. The skate park is usually where he likes to go and put on his headphones to create melodies, lyrics, and beats.

   Brown became an entertainment artist because he wanted to be able to leave his mark on others. “I want them to feel motivated and work hard. Give them that drive that [makes] them want to accomplish the impossible.” He idolizes the late Bob Marley because of his great spirit and believes they share some of the same characteristics. He often jokes that he continues to make music because he just cannot stop writing it. Brown has a natural talent and ear for music and plans to be someone that the younger generation can look up to one day.

Brown’s goal in the next five years is to master his craft and constantly progress as an artist. “I made a commitment to all people who enjoy my music that I will put out new music every Wednesday night until 2013.” This devoted artist has a special ear for all of his beats and is always bringing a fresh and different sound to the music scene. He knows that it is difficult for artists to come up these days. “I remember when it was all about chasing down record labels, now it’s the labels chasing the artists down for a contract.” He knows his music is an essence and puts the best quality into it. He separates his music from fantasies, giving you the real Guy Brown.


                When Brown is not writing music or involved in sports, he participates in local charity events. The artists’ main goal is to create music that can change the world and motivate people. Brown’s past projects include “Everything Spacely,” and he is currently working on a new mixtape “Wrightbros” which can be found and downloaded via

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