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When you describe your style as “the perfect blend of Eminem and Devin the Dude”, you will definitely raise some eyebrows. That’s exactly how rap entertainer Cutta describes his style—at least that is the best way he can describe it considering that he has no comparison. He does have some powerful musical influences however, noting Eminem, Devin the Dude, Tupac, Blues Traveler, Journey, reading, and his personal life experiences as his biggest. However, the 31 year old hip-hop artist claims that his style and personality is what really makes him unique (aside from being a white rapper, of course). He has cultivated his style over the years, and is proud to reach a point where is comfortable in his swag and can now focus on his art. He prefers to use an array of delivery techniques in his rhymes—from slow to fast tempo, metaphors, similes, punch lines, and clever wordplay to create a style that you haven’t heard come from Houston, but will be sure to enjoy in the near future.

Cutta has always envisioned himself as an entertainer, from the early days of his youth to when he began to really take his entertainment career seriously. The rapper admits that in the early stages of his career he struggled to focus, and after a few “vacations” to jail and lots of self-inflicted pain, he decided to clean himself up and dedicate his efforts to his career. He now has several hustles going for him, all which contribute to his entertainment career. Hustlers By Law (HBL) Entertainment, an event promotion company Cutta formed to give underground artists more exposure opportunities, has proved to be critical for him as a way to stay relevant as well as accessible to the public. Of course Cutta describes it more modestly saying, “HBL Ent. is basically just a group of people who all [want to] be a part of something bigger than themselves.”

With all of the different types of artists and styles in entertainment, it becomes hard to stand out, but Cutta knows exactly how he will add his personal touch. “I see a lot of copies [these days] and artists who have been created rather than [those who have] created themselves. With that said, I keep it real, with myself and my audience at all times.” He realizes that his chances of gaining every human as a fan are slim to none, but he doesn’t mind anyway, saying “I rap about grinding, getting blowed, and I like to talk a little shit, that’s it. It appeals to those who [have] similar interests; it doesn’t appeal to others at all. But that’s what I do, that’s me, I won’t change ever.”

The rapper has his sights set on greatness as he continues to make his mark in the game every day. Currently, Cutta is working on his latest album entitled “The Wreckoning” which will be released in the summer. He already has one of his projects “Highly Venomous” in heavy rotation, and he is anticipating his album release party which is set to feature DJ Big Redd of the Swishahouse along with a special guest host. With music, videos, performances, and merchandise all ready to be released to his fans, Cutta assures us that he will not disappoint in any way. “If you are a part of Team Cutta and/or support my music and my struggle, I won’t let you down. I’m just getting started.”

-Coyo Alexander

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