Cameroon – Philly – Houston…The Journey of 3A Baby

What can you get when you mix cameroon, philly, and houston flavors together in perfect combination?  YOU get a rich fusion of culture with a history that spans across countries and continents.

Twenty-five-year-old rapper 3A hails originally from Douala, Cameroon in central west Africa where he spent most of his life. He then ventured to the United States and settled in Philadelphia. Now he resides in Houston where he hopes to take his music career to new levels.

As a kid in Cameroon 3A was influenced largely by American hip-hop artists ” I grew up in CAMEROON so I was influenced by the whole hip hop movement. I grew up watching Snoop, 2pac, Biggie, Big Pun,  Jay Z, Bow Wow, 50 Cent, Eminem, Sisqo, Fabolous…all of them on TV.” He cites Bow Wow’s That’s My Name’ and Sisqo’s Thong Song as some of his favorites growing up.

It was in his home country that his love for hip hop blossomed into a passion for creating music on his own. His first performance was at his high school in Douala, and 3A performed as if he was a natural although he was everything but that. “I was pretty nervous but I just went there on stage with my book bag on and I did my thing.” Since then, 3A has had the opportunity to perform in Philadelphia and New York, with several other cities in his sights in the near future.

When 3A moved to the states, he was both excited and nervous about his new beginnings. He settled in Philadelphia, PA which seems to have been the right decision because although he only spent four years there he considers himself a Philly artist.

“Moving to Philly was a great experience, I learned a lot over there. I’m more focused and have my eyes on the prize dream chasing like Meek Mill!” 3A was able to merge his unique accent and culture with that of the United States and has produced a sound that is all his own. He was able to absorb some flavor from some of the city’s premier artists like Wiz Khalifa and Meek Mill. Although he has been able to craft his own unique sound he still credits the Philly artists as inspiration “I don’t really know if my style will match an artist of the past, but my style definitely matches Wiz Khalifa’s.” 3A also credits artists like Mac Miller, Kid Cudi, and J. Cole as major influencers.

Now, 3A has traveled to the southern United States, Houston Texas to be exact, and he wants to bring his Cameroon/Philly style and sprinkle a little Houston flavor with it to create his perfect mix.

The artist has recently dropped his latest mixtape entitled, Last Days in Philly #LDIP, available on Soundcloud and Datpiff, or you can listen below. He describes his music as ‘lifestyle music’ and hopes to bring people into his world and take them on a journey through his life. through his eyes. He hopes to portray lots of energy and good vibes through his delivery. He desires to be the bridge that connects African Americans to the motherland. Being from African actually born and raised there I think I will bring African American closer to the motherland, I want to remind them that they have fans over there as well and they deserve the love just [as much] as any other fans”

Listen to Last Days in Philly Here

3A Says: “Believe in yourself or nobody will. Whatever you do, don’t give up on it. Keep pushing if you really like it!” -3A
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