GQ Marley, San Antonio TX

GQ Marley is a self – driven artist born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. He is known for his witty metaphors, clever word play, and sarcastic humor.  He describes himself as a sophisticated stoner that believes in the principles and philosophies of his namesake (Bob Marley). He is an ambitious, educated college student who has been writing rhymes since he was 14 for all music genres. He is a confident, ambitious stoner who goes against all common stereotypes of the rap culture, and hopes that his image will motivate others to be different and feel comfortable in their own skin.

GQ is a huge fan of music and his biggest hobby is collecting cassette tapes of all genres of music. He says; “I grew up watching old performances my dad taped from popular sitcoms such as the Love Boat and Soul Train.” He didn’t originally become interested in rap until he heard the Notorious BIG and it was from that moment he wanted to be a rapper. He also wanted to be a singer, but jokes and says, “I wasn’t blessed with a voice. He continued to rap and he creatively expresses himself through the art of poetry. “I honestly feel I have my own sound but I listen to various artists as a method to inspire creativity through my lyrics,” says GQ Marley. This artist is very talented and other hobbies include drawing, reading, and writing, and this allows him to write lyrics that paint vivid images through the use of homonyms, metaphors, and puns.

The entertainer biggest struggle is the death of his older brother. “He was a very educated man who worked diligently at accomplishing his goals,” says Marley. He is the sole reason he does music and not just for a hobby. GQ’s first project is called D.R.E.A.M. which is an acronym for “Dare and Risk Everything to Achieve More.” He also started a movement known as DREAMER$NATION which motivates individuals to chase after their dreams and goals. Family and friends have always referred to him as a “Dreamer.” “My goal is to inspire others which I refer to as “DREAMERS” to pursue their goals by any means necessary,” says the artist and “I refuse to accept failure and I know that my time will someday come.” Recently, he just finished shooting a video for the BET Cypher for the city of College Station. In the next five years, he sees himself touring across the nation becoming this great aspiring artist, as well as being an actor.

His traditional, unique style allows him to step out of his comfort zone to create a new style and platform that will be remembered by future generations. “My style is one of a kind and I love to incorporate different sounds and rhyme schemes when creating music.” He knows that his fans are everything and it is them that will determine the success of his career, so he tries to interact with them on a daily basis. He is constantly networking with other artists, producers, and promoters to establish his name as well as utilizing social networking websites. He also works with numerous organizations and has participated in many philanthropic events. He hopes to one day start his own scholarship fund and give others the chance to chase their dreams.

written by: Tinkabell Isreal


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GQ Marley
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