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Two new, yet familiar voices have burst onto the podcasting scene, hailing from Houston, Texas. ‘2 Woke Gurls’ features the opinions, critiques, and jokes of Third Ward’s own Lauren (@isankofa) and Trina (@beauxbeena). You may have seen Lauren and Trina’s colorful takes on your timelines, but 2 Woke Gurls is a platform that allows the discussion of pressing issues at the intersection of Blackness, womanhood, and queerness without the constraints of a 140-character limit or 15 second videos. The show is available for subscription and download on iTunes, 2wokegurls.com, and the 2 Woke Gurls app in Google play store and the Apple store.

2 Woke Gurls is a weekly podcast that doesn’t just inform its audience. The show is divided into segments that discuss pressing issues and others that cover pop culture and escapism. The end of every episode reveals which celebrities and public figures get GLOWS (cheers) or GROWS (jeers), and who’s having the best week ever. Occasionally the show receives listener letters that are read aloud on air, with the hosts making suggestions as to how listeners could or should handle certain situations. The show has recently introduced esteemed guests and you can expect random drop-ins for insightful interviews moving forward. (in your own words)

Listeners have called the show: “Smart, raw, and extremely thought provoking,” “Super Black and intellectual,” and “The best kind of podcast.”

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Email: 2WokeGurls@gmail.com, Connect@2wokegurls.com

Twitter: @2WokeGurls

Instagram: @2WokeGurlsPodcast

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